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The alien abduction of an elderly man in Emilcin, Poland

"I solemnly swear to God, that my account about the encounter with extraterrestrials on May 10, 1978, is absolutely true. God is my witness that I am telling the truth." That was the oath signed by Jan Wolski, a devout Roman Catholic, in the presence of two witnesses and convinced the almost 100-year-old local priest that Wolski was really telling the truth.

This is a story of an elderly Polish farmer that was abducted by aliens at a time when Poland was a communist country controlled by the Soviet Union. Due to this alien abduction, which was the first one recorded in Poland, it became the first country in the then communist world to develop a civilian ufological movement with organizations. 

This is the most famous and best known alien encounter/abduction in Poland. It has become so popular that in 2005 a monument was erected in Emilcin, Poland, at the site where the abduction is said to have taken place, to commemorate the alien abduction of Jan Wolski. The text in Polish, reads: "On May 10, 1978 in Emilcin a UFO object landed. The truth will astonish us in the future".

Moreover, Wolski had no exposure to accounts of UFOs since he had no TV set, not even a radio, and only read newspapers when his sons brought them home.

The story:

On May 10, 1978, early in the morning a few minutes after eight, 71 year old Jan Wolski was riding a horse-drawn wagon through a forest near his village (Emilcin, Poland). Suddenly he saw walking in front of him two small humanoids (about 1.4 to 1.5 meters tall), dressed in tight-fitting black suits, wearing hoods and heading in the same direction on the road. They moved in a strange awkward manner, keeping their legs wide apart.

When Wolski began to overtake them, they unexpectedly jumped on both sides on his wagon surprising him of their agility. At this point, the wagon jerked as if there were a disproportionate increase in payload. Sitting on both sides on the wagon behind Wolski, they began conversing with each other in a strange language, consisting of many high-pitched and shrilled sounds similar to pigeons and the giggles of hyenas. This aroused his suspicions that they were not human.

"I looked at them from my side", said Wolski, "Strangely, they were dressed in tight blackish outfits, only their faces and hands were bare. I thought they might be Chinese, but I didn’t ask. Their legs were dangling out from the wagon and it was obvious that they had odd shoes, the same color as the rest of the clothes, but the front end were in the shape of fins. They also had between their fingers a small membrane - from the base to the end of the first finger joint. Nothing intelligible was heard from them ... they were like 'twittering' with each other." 

When they got to about three hundred meters from a small forest clearing in front of the wagon, Wolski noticed against a wall of trees an unusual silver vehicle hovering around 4 to 5 meters above the ground.

Its shape roughly resembled a two-rotor helicopter. The vehicle had no windows and its only opening was a door located in the center of the front wall. The door jamb revealed the thickness of the vehicle walls estimated at around 20 cm. The UFO did not have any collar, wings, legs or wheels. The only things that protruded from its exterior were four cylinder-shaped devices placed at each corner. Each of these four "cylinders" contained vertical spirals, described by Wolski as resembling "drill bits". They swirled around very fast, but did not blow any air. As they spun, it appeared to be making a weak buzzing sound, somewhat similar to the sound produced by a bumblebee. 

From the door of the vehicle dropped a small elevator platform attached to four cables. Suddenly, one of aliens stepped on it "and with a friendly gesture invited me to get on it", Wolski said. Instantly it ascended to where two other humanoids were waiting inside the vehicle. The humanoid that had remained downstairs came up to join the other three. The vehicle had four crew members.

Jan Wolski remembered a few things while staying in the alien vessel. Inside the vehicle was a single rectangular room. Its walls were completely impervious to light. There was also no window. It was dark and the only source of illumination was the opened door. The door was wrapped in a kind of a vertical tube located on the left of the door frame. The floor, walls and the flat ceiling looked as if they were cast from a hard material similar to glass. The room was empty, with no furniture, contained only small black benches attached to the walls with 60 cm cables (two cables per seat). Wolski did not notice any switches or light indicators. Near the entrance lay a dozen live birds: crows or jackdaws. The ceiling was semicircular and along it, ran a black "pipe".

Wolski said, "They were a little shorter than Earthlings, they had dark green faces and wore a tight-fitting black/gray outfits which covered the whole body. There were no buttons or zippers on it. They had slanted eyes and a mouth which resembled a thin colorless line. Each of the fingers was surrounded by a membrane. They spoke with each other in an unknown language".

At some point, when he entered the room, they forced him to get undressed. Wolski said, "They told me, in sign language, that I had to strip naked ...  They began to examine me with some disks which looked like plates. When I was naked they ate something horribly transparent that looked like ice. Then one stood near a wall with two small holes drilled into it. He inserted a small black rod inside the holes and turned them as if adjusting something. He did that several times"

A few minutes after they examined him, he was allowed to get dressed. The visit was apparently over. He stood on the doorway, turned to face the aliens, placed his hat on the chest and bowed his head and upper torso in a polite gesture. They bow back at him. Wolski further said: "Anyway, they were always very kind to me. They wanted me to eat some strange icicles, but I already wanted to go home. I hurried a few meters downstairs where my wagon was and I was just thinking about how soon to get home and tell everyone about what happened to me. "

When Wolski arrived at his house, he tied the reins of his horse and ran inside. There he alerted his two sons and notified the neighbors. They went to look for the UFO, but there was no longer a trace of it. Obviously there were not a trace where the UFO was hovering in the air, but around the soft ground the aliens left a lot of traces of their presence in the form of footprints. As such, the woods and the meadow were full of footprints of these UFOnauts. Unfortunately, in the next few days they were completely trampled by hundreds of people and the police.

When he fled to his house, he did not record the time of his departure from the vehicle. A five-year boy saw the departing object flying low over the village of Emilcin and described it as a "flying bus". That witness reported that he saw a square hatch underneath the vehicle. Shortly after passing over the village, the vehicle accelerated, produced a loud "bang" (like a sonic boom) and disappeared from view. A few minutes before Jan Wolski's announcement of what he had experienced, some residents in Emilcin heard an awful rumble coming from underground.

The following is a comic strip of the Jan Wolski abduction which was written originally in Polish. I always wanted to translate this fascinating comic strip, but I don’t speak Polish. I checked all over the internet to see if I find it in English or Spanish, but there was none. Luckily, I found it in French, the only other language that it was written besides Polish, which made it easier for me to translate it into English and Spanish. The following article was translated by Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON).

The UFO landing witnessed by over 200 students in Westall, Australia


The UFO landing sighted by the largest crowd in the history of Australia (or perhaps in the world) occurred in the Melbourne suburb of Westall. This sighting has become one of Australia's most compelling UFO mysteries and one of the most intriguing on record. Unlike most UFO sightings, the object(s) was observed by a large number of over 200 credible eyewitnesses from two schools in broad daylight for 20 minutes. This incident attracted a forceful response from police and the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force).

The story:

On Wednesday, April 6, 1966, at approximately 11:00 am (11.00 hours), in the Melbourne suburb of Westall in Victoria (Australia), a class of students and a teacher from Westall High School were just completing a sporting event on the school playground and beginning their morning break when they suddenly spotted an unidentified object flying overhead at low level . The object was described as being a silver-gray saucer shaped craft with a slight purple hue and being about twice the size of a family car.

The children went outside into the school yard running uncontrollably, pointing upward and hysterically shouting, "Oh look up in the sky a flying saucer!" The disk shaped object flew low over some Electricity Pylons and began to descend and then overflew the high school's southwest corner, going in a southeasterly direction. It ceased to be seen after it dropped behind a nearby grove of pine trees where there is a paddock (pasture in the U.S.), an area known as The Grange (now a nature reserve called "Grange Reserve"). This landing site was in front of another school, a primary (elementary in U.S.) school called Westall State School.

A crowd that now totaled over 200 spectators from the two schools assembled outside to see the unusual object.  Dozens of students jumped a fence and ran across what was then an open field to see the landed UFO. 

Two girl students that ran toward where the UFO had landed reached it before the other students and were found in a collapsed and dazed state. An ambulance was called and one of them was taken away to the hospital. The reason for these girls to faint is unknown to this day since they were very fit and were the leading athletes in the school who could outrun almost all the others. Apart from that no one else was hurt in the incident.

Some of the other students that arrived immediately after them saw it on the ground before taking off on a northwesterly direction. As the object gained altitude, some accounts assert that five light aircrafts surrounded it and pursued it from the area.

A few students telephoned the local newspapers and TV stations and they sent reporters to the schools. These media groups called the police and in turn the police called the local RAAF military base. The students and staff had witnessed the whole incident for 20 minutes.

At the Moorabbin Airport, which is 4.76 kilometers (about 3 miles) southwest from the location, investigators were unable to find any record of the five light aircrafts that allegedly pursued the UFO and no aircraft from that airport entered the airspace around Westall. The RAAF also reported no military activity in that area (including the UFO). The provenance of the light aircraft was also never resolved.

Was there more than one UFO?

There were reports from some witnesses that there were more than one UFO and the largest one flew over and along some large Electricity Pylons before landing on a pasture behind a nearby grove of pine trees. The UFO happened to land in front of another school (an elementary school). It was further reported that there were two other smaller crafts of similar design that hovered over (but did not land) the dirt roadway at the front of the elementary school.  Further reports suggest that the larger main craft that landed in the pasture may have had some sort of problems and that the two smaller crafts were there to assist it. For approximately 20 minutes a crowd that totaled over 200 spectators from both schools witnessed the whole incident. They subsequently watched as the larger UFO climbed at high speed and departed toward the northwest.

None of the witnesses said that they saw any aliens or any people in or around any of the UFOs. It was suggested that if there were in fact any beings inside, they would not have been able to stand up due to the height of the craft which was no higher than an average family car. The craft being round and large at the base but lacking in height like the saucer of an upside down tea cup. 


Most of the witnesses were school pupils who say they saw flying saucers from their school yards. Some ran to the paddock (pasture), where the craft appeared to have come down.

Terry Peck, now 56, was one of the witnesses. She says she was playing cricket on the oval (cricket field), saw the saucer and chased after it to the pasture. She stated as follows:

"Two girls were there before me. One was terribly upset and they were pale, really white, ghostly white. They just said they had passed out, fainted. One was taken to hospital in an ambulance."

Terry Peck
Ms. Peck says she saw a silver, classic-shape saucer rise up.

"I was about 6 meters away from it. It was bigger than a car and circular. I think I saw some lights underneath it. We all got called to an assembly... and they told us all to keep quiet. I'd absolutely just like someone to come forward from the services just to say 'yes, it did happen, and it landed and there was a cover-up'.''

Jacqueline Argent, now 58, says she saw a UFO from the oval and was one of the first three kids over the fence looking for where it had come down. She stated as follows:

"Originally I thought it must have been an experimental-type aircraft, but nothing has emerged like that after all these years.''

She says she was called into the headmaster's (principal in the U.S.) office and was interrogated by three men: "They had good-quality suits and were well-spoken. They said, 'I suppose you saw little green men'?

"I spoke to my parents about it at the time and they were pretty outraged.''

One of the closest witnesses was a boy whose family leased land at the Grange Reserve for horses. Shaun Matthews (not a student at Westall) was on holidays and spending time on the land.

"I saw the thing come across the horizon and drop down behind the pine trees. I couldn't tell what it was. It certainly wasn't a light aircraft or anything of the like …

"I saw the thing drop down behind the pine trees and saw it leave again. I couldn't tell you how long it was there for, it were such a long time ago." Mr. Matthews, 51 and now living in Greenvale, said the object "went up and off very very rapidly".

"I went over and there was a circle in the clearing. It looked like it had been cooked or boiled, not burnt as I remember," he said. "A heap of kids from Westall primary and high school came charging through to see what had happened — 'look at this, look at that, we saw it as well', that sort of thing. It was a bit of a talking point for a couple of days."

Mr. Matthews said the object, about the size of "two family cars", passed him at a distance of about "four football fields". "It was silvery, but it had a sort-of purple hue to it, very bright, but not bright enough that you couldn't look at it," he said.

"I saw that it dropped down behind the trees, and I thought, 'hello, hang on'. A minute or so later, it went straight up, just gone."

He said police and other officials interviewed his mother. But he cannot remember them burning the landing site, as others have alleged. And he did not see any light aircraft trailing the object, as others did.

"The way this thing moved there is no way it could have been a weather balloon or a light aircraft," he said:

"A helicopter? No way — no noise, wrong shape, and it didn't move like it. It came out of the distance, stopped, and then just dropped. It didn't just sort of cruise and then slightly descend at an angle. It just stopped, dropped, and then went straight up."

Shortly afterwards, one to three circular patches of grass were seen by many witnesses in the pasture. Later, uniformed men, thought to have been police and military personnel (Air Force, according to some accounts), were seen attending the scene. After taking various measurements, some have reported that these uniformed men burnt the pasture to hide the circles made by the UFOs. Some witnesses reported being spoken to, or later visited by, these personnel. Some say that both students and staff were told not to discuss the incident, while some students reported being disciplined for speaking out.


This object(s) was viewed for about 20 minutes in broad daylight by a crowd of over 200 people. The students and teachers were familiar with light aircraft because both schools were close to Moorabbin Airport, which is 4.76 kilometers (about 3 miles) away. Although the UFO was of similar size, everyone said straight away that they knew it was neither a plane nor a weather balloon.

Many of the people involved in this incident are still alive, and some still live in the area. They have stuck to what they had experienced to this day despite the government’s threats to cover it up and skeptics’ contradictions.  

The Victorian UFO Research Society investigated the incident. VUFORS secretary Tony Cook said Westall remained one of Australia's major unexplained UFO cases. The top one was the case of Frederick Valentich, a 20-year-old Melbourne pilot whose light aircraft disappeared while flying over Bass Strait in 1978.

In the last minutes of radio communication, Valentich reported seeing a UFO hovering above his plane. He and his craft were never recovered.

"It's pretty well documented," Mr. Cook said. "That's probably the most important one because it involves the disappearance of a person."

Three U.S. navy jets confront a large triangular UFO over Puerto Rico

A narrative by Alan Caviness

I remember an incident that occurred during the first few days of 1989 when I was on active duty with the US Navy at Cecil Field Naval Air Station in Florida. I was assigned to one of the many work centers inside the base's aircraft electronics repair facility (officially, the Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department or AIMD). A shipmate and good buddy of mine at the time was back from a few weeks stay at our naval air base in Puerto Rico—Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station. I greeted him when I first saw him in the AIMD work center at Cecil Field and quickly noticed that he seemed a bit down. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that the Puerto Rico base's F-14 fighter squadron had just lost two aircraft (this would have included two pilots—and two radar intercept officers who flew back seat). The following is how our conversation went according to memory.

I was surprised when he said two aircraft, and I asked, "Are you serious?" And he replied, "Yeah".

I thought a moment then said, "Midair collision?" But, much to my astonishment, he said, "No".

I then asked, "What do you mean, no midair collision? How, then, could they lose two airplanes the same day?"

I noticed that he didn't seem to want to go into detail for some strange reason. This was not normal for him. Normally, this man, a dedicated sailor and skilled technician, would have been eager to tell me anything he could about an aircraft mishap including his own speculations. But, not this time.

The navy would lose a plane somewhere ever so often and we would usually get word of it very quickly through unofficial channels in the naval aviation community—and personnel were usually eager to pass on what news they could. I knew my shipmate had friends in that squadron from previous visits he had made to Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station or, "N.A.S. Rosy Roads", as we always called it. But, it was unusual to hear of two planes being lost in one day and even more unusual for it not to be due to a midair collision. And, as if that wasn't enough, it was becoming even more unusual because he was being reluctant to talk about it. I pressed him.

"Well, what happened?" "Oh, I can't really talk about it", he said. "There's an investigation still ongoing..."

That had never stopped any of us before from spreading news of an aircraft mishap. Suddenly, I got the impression that he had been told not to talk.

But, I asked, "Well, can you tell me anything else"?

He basically added only that the two planes were lost at apparently the same time—definitely on the same day, for sure. And that it was—for some strange reason—very "hush-hush". This didn't make sense to me. We aviation maintenance guys had a "grapevine" that was fleet-wide. Anything significant to know about would be spread pretty quickly. Usually, whenever one of our navy aircraft squadrons would lose a plane, we would find out about it quickly then wait for details to come in later. And, usually, the information was pretty reliable. But, apparently nothing was coming out regarding this incident. I had hoped that maybe I would hear something, later. But, after considerable effort to find follow-up information over the next few weeks, I realized that the investigation had indeed been handled as top secret.

This was unusual. I often wondered what must have happened. And, although, in the next few years, I found myself visiting the base at Puerto Rico for a few weeks at a time on a number of occasions, I never thought to ask anyone on the base or in that particular squadron what had happened to those two aircraft on that fateful day. With all the distractions of navy life, I simply did not think about it very much over the following years.

In 1992, I was discharged from the US Navy and went back into civilian life after 10 years of service total. In the following years, I had my first recognizable UFO sighting and by 1999 had decided to become a UFO investigator. Around 2007, I was skimming through a UFO book and happened to notice a UFO case involving two US Navy F-14 fighter planes. I didn't even make a connection at first, but then, I suddenly remembered the incident back at Cecil Field where my shipmate had told me of a squadron losing two F-14s at the same time but not due to a midair collision. Was the incident in 1988 really a UFO incident? I read on. I saw in the book the exact date and location of the incident and realized that this had to be one and the same.

The author stated in his book that on December 28, 1988, at approximately 7:45 pm, a large triangle craft roughly the size of a baseball field was seen moving steadily along in the region near the naval air station in Puerto Rico, according to many witnesses (over a hundred). Three F-14s intercepted the moving UFO and apparently tried to force it to change its course. As the navy fighter planes engaged the large craft, it slowed down its forward speed almost to a standstill. One plane, in particular, stayed mostly to the right of the UFO and another stayed behind the UFO making close approaches at times. The third plane apparently stayed a bit farther out. The F-14 in the rear came close to the object, but as it flew either over or under the object, it was not seen again. Small red lights were also seen at times flying outside the large craft and may have served to protect the craft. It was as if the fighter plane had somehow been drawn into the large craft. The second aircraft made a sweep closer to the large object and was seen by one ground witness—using binoculars—to suddenly disappear—possibly being taken in by the UFO. The third F-14 reportedly high-tailed it out of the area on afterburner with glowing red lights chasing after it apparently in pursuit, according to ground witnesses.

Just after the unidentified craft had confiscated the two fighters, it began to steadily descend almost to the ground. In a blinding flash of yellow light, the large craft divided into two sections—actually, two separate craft. They both quickly flew off in different directions—one heading in the direction of the escaping F-14. The story goes that there was an immediate government cover-up and the military denied the entire story of an unidentified craft. Rear Admiral David Rogers, Deputy Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, in response to an inquiry, told a member of the House of Representatives, that no aircraft mishaps had even occurred during the time of the reported incident and that no aircraft had been lost. (I know better.)

I was amazed by the fact that, after 20 years, I was able to confirm an astonishing UFO encounter directly involving the military. And, I was personally familiar with this very incident—at least from its outer periphery. I knew for a fact that the US Navy in Puerto Rico did indeed lose two F-14s in one day and that there was a top secret investigation—the only time in my navy career that I could not get a follow-up on an aircraft mishap.

In recent years, I discovered that Puerto Rico has been a hotbed for reports and claims of UFO activity including some wildly fascinating reports from many residents in certain areas of the island involving personal contact with nonhuman beings, sightings of strange animal creatures—and underground facilities with many nonhuman residents.

Some of the hottest areas for ET activity are reported to be around the naval base on the eastern end of the island as well as areas along the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico. UFOs have also been seen going into the waters in these areas. Many residents, some with considerable credibility—have claimed to see UFOs all over Puerto Rico since around 1930—including a 1992 sighting of a saucer-shaped craft being chased by a military jet observed by Freddie Cruz—then director of the Civil Defense Agency of Lajas, Puerto Rico.

The above is a personal narrative of Alan Caviness

The Flatwoods Monster


This sighting commonly known as the Flatwoods Monster and sometimes as the Braxton County Monster or the Phantom of Flatwoods, which occurred near the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia (United States). It is one of the most bizarre alien encounters or close encounters of the third kind ever recorded in the history of ufology and one of the earliest UFO and alien encounters, which occurred about 5 years after "Roswell UFO crash" and about 9 years before the famous "Alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill", but still remains a mystery. UFO investigators are divided into pros and cons with refuting evidence on both side, but one thing is certain, the surviving witnesses have adamantly stuck to their encounter to this day.

Chronology of the events:

On September 12, 1952, at 7:15 pm (19.15 hours), at the little village of Flatwoods, with a population of only 300 inhabitants, located in the hills of West Virginia, some youngsters were playing football on a school playground when they suddenly noticed a fiery object streaking across the night sky and headed towards a nearby hill. One of the boys, Neil Nunley, said that the glowing object might be a meteorite. He knew that fragments of meteorites are collected by scientists, so he suggested they all go look for it.

However, the bright red light had slowed down when it got to the nearby hill, then went around it, crossed the valley and appeared to hover momentarily before descending on the hilltop adjacent to a farm belonging to G. Bailey Fisher.

The boys watched attentively as the bright orange flare faded to a dull cherry glow near where the object had descended. As three of the boys, two brothers: Edward May (age 13) and Fred May (age 12) and their friend Tommy Hyer (age 10), headed up the hill toward the lights, they saw them circling in sequence a couple of times. The lights served as a beacon for them, showing them where the object was.

They ran up the main street, crossed a set of railroad tracks and came to a point where there were three houses; one of them belonging to the two brothers’ mother, Mrs. Kathleen May (32 years old at the time). She came out of the house to learn what was happening and where the boys were going. They informed her about the lights on the hill and that "A flying saucer has landed." She said that she wanted to go with them. Before they left, Mrs. May suggested to Eugene 'Gene' Lemon, a 17-year-old West Virginia National Guardsman, that he should go and get a flashlight.

Mrs. Kathleen May, accompanied by the three boys and other local youngsters Neil Nunley (age 14), Ronald Shaver (age 10), and Eugene Lemon found the path that lead up to the hill. They opened and then closed a gate and continued along the winding path. Lemon (who brought along his dog) and Nunley were in the lead while Mrs. May and her son Edward were following and they were being trailed by Ronald Shaver and Ted Neal (age 10). Tommy Hyer was in the rear, not far behind the others.

An unnerving encounter:

As they approached the final bend in the path, Lemon’s large dog, which had been running ahead, suddenly began barking and howling and moments later ran back to the group with its tail between its legs, obviously frightened. Lemon noticed, as the dog passed him, that a mist (perhaps smoke) with an awful smell was spreading around them. As they got closer to the top of the hill, they all detected a pungent metallic odor that made their eyes and noses burn.

On the hilltop they suddenly saw in front of them, a big "ball of fire" about 20 feet (6 meters) in diameter at a distance of about 50 feet (15 meters). It was pulsating orange to red and hovered above or rested upon the ground. The night was completely dark and Mrs. May later remarked that as they neared the area, "It was foggy and there was a mist in the evening air ".

Mrs. May spotted two small lights by a nearby tree and thought that they were the eyes of an owl or some other animal. Lemon looked to his right and also noticed the two small lights underneath an oak tree and to the left of the pulsating object. Both lights were separated about a foot (30 centimeters) apart. When Lemon  directed his flashlight towards those two lights, an animal was not revealed, but a towering 12 foot (3½ meters) tall figure with a round, bright red "face" surrounded by a hood-like headgear pointed on top (resembling the ace of spades). It had large bulging and glowing pale blue non-human eyes which shot out beams of light. Its body was described as being human-like and clad in a bright green pleated skirt. It also had short stubby arms ending in long claw-like fingers, which protruded from the front of its body.

The creature was observed temporarily and then it suddenly lit up and glided towards them soaring a few inches off the ground and emitting a shrill hissing sound. It then changed direction and headed off towards the pulsating red sphere. At that moment Lemon screamed, dropped his flashlight and fainted. As the group fled in panic, they instantly grabbed Lemon’s limp unconscious body and scurry in terror back down the hill as fast as they could to the May house.

Mrs. May was so scared, that while running, she jumped over a 4 foot (one meter) high wooden gate in one leap. Some of the kids when they got to a six foot (1.82 meters) tall metal gate, they climbed over it, crawled under it or went around it running as fast as they could for their lives.

They finally reached May’s house where they were able to regain Lemon’s consciousness. Mrs. May attended to the kids, as they were hysterically crying. Some of the kids’ noses were bleeding and were all scraped up from falling. She immediately thereafter, called the local Sheriff Robert Carr and Mr. A. Lee Stewart, co-owner of the Braxton Democrat, a local newspaper. Stewart convinced Lemon to lead them back to the spot of the sighting. He agreed when a number of adults arrived at the May house armed with rifles, shotguns and flashlights.

About a half-hour to an hour later they all headed back up the hill including Stewart, Lemon and another reporter from a different newspaper to search for the strange creature. None of the men seemed to be too excited about going up the hill and in less than a half an hour they were back, claiming that the grass at the scene appeared to have been trampled down and there was the strong sickening burnt metallic odor was still prevailing, but there was no sign of the monster.

Stewart conducted a number of interviews and later reported that all of the observers were trembling and extremely frightened by what they had encountered.  

Investigation of the reported encounter:

Still others, including the sheriff, eventually arrived. Most of them didn't bother to mount any sort of search and the sheriff, who was clearly skeptical, refused to investigate further than talking to May and the boys. But since the sheriff had been searching for a downed light aircraft reported earlier, he and deputy, Burnell Long, did report to the area separately, but apart of the foul odor, no evidence of an aircraft accident was found and no one reported an aircraft missing. 

The next day, there were some follow-up investigations. Some people reported that they had found an area where the grass had been crushed in a circular pattern. Ufologist and biologist Ivan T. Sanderson, who visited the scene a week later, said that he and his fellow investigators were able to see the crushed grass and a slight depression in the ground. No one bothered to photograph this reported physical evidence.

Gray Barker, a UFO researcher, also arrived a week later and coincidently on the same day as Sanderson, also found others to interview. He talked with A. M. Jordan, Neil Nunley’s grandfather who said that he had seen the flash of an elongated object flying overhead. It was shooting red balls of fire from the rear and it seemed to hover before it fell toward the hilltop.

Barker also interviewed Nunley, whose description of the object disagreed with that of his grandfather though he did say the object seemed to stop and hover before falling to the hill. This disparity may have come from the different perspectives of the witnesses. Sometimes the angle from which something is viewed seems to change the shape and the direction.

Other witnesses:

Despite several refuting explanations presented by skeptics, the eyewitnesses were not dissuaded from what they had seen.  And due to their inflexible beliefs prompted well-known ufologists from around the United States to do thorough investigations and found other witnesses in the vicinity that were not present at the hill the night of September 12, but have seen a UFO and/or the creature before or after that date. 

Two Californians, a married couple that investigated the UFO phenomenon, William and Donna Smith, associated with Civilian Saucer Investigation L.A., obtained a number of accounts from witnesses who claimed to have experienced similar or related phenomena. These accounts included the story of a mother and her 21 year-old-daughter that lived about eleven miles (17.7 kilometers) from Flatwoods. She claimed to have encountered a creature with the same appearance that gave off the horrible odor a week prior to the September 12 incident. The encounter reportedly affected her daughter so badly that she was confined to Clarksburg Hospital for three weeks.

William and Donna Smith also gathered a statement from the mother of Eugene Lemon, in which she said that, at the approximate time of the crash, her house had been violently shaken and her radio had cut out for 45 minutes. In addition, the director of the local Board of Education reported that he has seen a flying saucer taking off at 6:30 on the morning of September 13 (the morning after the creature was sighted).

The following night after the encounter other unusual incidents occurred. A resident of Birch River testified that he had seen a "bright orange" object circling over the Flatwoods area. Well-known investigator, John Keel, made observations from the Flatwoods incident and found another couple who had observed the monster and had also seen unusual objects over the area. The case was also investigated by the ufologist and biologist Ivan Sanderson who gathered soil samples and eyewitness reports. His findings were not made public. 

 The illnesses of the witnesses:

Those who encountered the creature on the night of September 12 reported being overcome with similar symptoms that lasted for a while. These illnesses were said to have been caused by being exposed to the mist (or smoke) emitted by the creature. The symptoms included irritation of the nose and swelling of the throat. Lemon suffered from vomiting and convulsions throughout the night and had difficulties with his throat for several weeks afterward.

A doctor who treated several of the witnesses is reported to have described their symptoms as being similar to victims of mustard gas, though such symptoms are also commonly found in sufferers of hysteria, which can be brought on by exposure to a traumatic or shocking event.

Please note: The dog that had run first to the top of the hill and returned to the group with its tail tuck behind its legs, vomited and then died two days later.

1952 a year of UFO sightings:

If this bizarre incident were not enough, the year 1952 was filled with waves of UFO sightings around the world. But the most affected country was the United States of America where the first atomic bomb was exploded. Therefore, it was in an era that had practically caused hysteria among the people and the flying saucers were seen over military and nuclear installations, including the airspace over the White House. Consequently, the U.S. Air Force attempted to identify the sightings in two forms.

1) Project Blue Book to interview witnesses and to amass data.

2) To launch jet fighters to pursue and identify the numerous unidentified aerial objects that had flown over civilian and military installations.  

Skeptics argue that the UFO was a meteor and the creature was an owl. Obviously they saw something that scared them to death and they stubbornly stuck to what they have seen despite the skeptics’ assertions.

Was the flying object a meteor?

The skeptics and the U.S. Air Force declare that what they saw was a meteor. This declaration does not match the eyewitness accounts that the object was seen circling around Flatwoods, hovering over the hill before making a smooth landing.  This was not only witnessed by the kids, but by other residents in the area. A meteor (also called a shooting star or falling star) dashes across the sky hardly visible, usually goes in a straight line and when it hits the ground, it makes a loud noise and a big hole, scattering debris. Nothing like that was seen, heard or found.

Was the creature an owl?

The senseless explanation that it was an owl has been disproven by some of the most renowned UFO investigators (Like nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman and Frank Feschino, Jr. who has investigated this case for over 25 years) because the monster was seen way under the lowest branches on the 100 foot (30 meters) tall oak tree and the lowest branches exceeded 12 feet. This creature was estimated to be about 12 feet (3.5 meters) tall. Some have asked that if it were an owl, then why the witnesses not saw it as such, even after shining a flashlight right at it? Owls aren’t 12 feet (3.5 meters) tall and if it were an owl perched on a tree branch, how can the tree and the owl come charging at them? According to the witnesses, this creature’s eyes were light blue and were shooting out beams of light. The creature was identified as having a bright red face surrounded with a hood-like headgear pointed on top (resembling the ace of spades). Again, this is not a description of an owl.

A local reporter, Mr. Stewart, had 5 of the kids to draw the monster separately and the drawings made by each one are remarkably similar (see the images on the left).  Do these drawings look like owls?

Frank Feschino, Jr., who has been investigating the Flatwoods encounter, has concluded that the fiery object seen flying over Flatwoods was engulfed in flames and pieces were falling off from it, obviously was in trouble. The object appeared to be looking for an isolated place to land since it kept circling the area before deciding to land on a well-chosen spot, being one of the highest hills in Braxton County.  Feschino also said that the 12 foot tall Flatwoods monster was actually a mechanical type device (a robot) and the sulfur smell was actually part of an exhaust system that made the particular machine hover. In other words, the bright green "pleated skirt" was actually some types of vertical tubes that shot downward the noxious gas that made the mechanical device hover and being the noxious odor which they encountered on the hill making the kids sick the entire night.  

The 100 foot (30 meters) tall white oak tree, closest to where the Flatwoods monster was seen hovering and where the gassy smoke seemed to originate from began to die and rot shortly after the incident, exposing its core.

Charred organic matter was found strewn near the tree and where the monster was seen, giving credibility to what the witnesses saw.


Although there have been many unexplained sightings in the town of Lajas, the situation there has been hyped by the amount of lies and exaggeration by a group of so-called, "ufologists" who ignore other areas of Puerto Rico to promote tourism in Lajas. That was evident when my wife and my daughter confronted a terrifying experience in the town of Aguada with extraterrestrials and that group of charlatans refused our plea for help. Of course, if it happened in Lajas they would have jumped on the opportunity for fame and tourism for that town. Those hoaxes and lies were approved and sanctioned by the then mayor of that town who named route 303 "The extraterrestrial route". The idea of building an "UFOport" (ovnipuerto), “la llorona sightings" and the biggest hoax of them all, "that a UFO crashed there" all this could only be found in a science fiction novel.

By Nelson C. Rivera
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