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Thursday, August 19, 2010

62 school children see the landing of a UFO and its occupants in Zimbabwe, Africa

Can 62 school children lie about an extraordinary event happening at their school yard? An occurrence so strange and vividly explained by each one of them that cannot be dismissed as a hoax or fantasy. These 62 school children of different races witnessed a UFO and its occupants land on their school yard and similarly described what they had seen with little or no exposure to TV, radio or popular press accounts of UFOs. No one can say that their imagination ran wild from watching science fiction movies on the television set.

On Friday, September 16, 1994, at approximately 10:15 am, 62 children (ranging from 5 to 12 years of age) from the Ariel School, a private primary school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, were in their playing field for the mid-morning break while most of the teachers were inside the school at a meeting. Suddenly, they saw three silver balls in the sky over the school. They disappeared with a flash of light and then reappeared elsewhere.

This happened three times and then they started to move down towards the school with one of them landing (or hovering) over a section of rough ground made up of trees, thorn bushes, and some brown-gray cut grass with bamboo shoots sticking up out of the ground. The children were not allowed in this area although it was adjacent to their playing field and was not fenced off. It was because the area was infected with snakes, spiders and other harmful creatures. There was also some controversy as to whether the object landed on the ground or hovered above it.

Suddenly, the children observed a small human-like being standing on top of the craft. The humanoid figure was about 3 foot (one meter) tall, was dressed in a shiny tight-fitting black outfit, long slender neck, long black hair coming down below his shoulders, large eyes, and a pale face. The being came walking towards them across the rough ground, became aware of the children and then disappeared. Afterwards, he or someone very much like him then reappeared from behind the object. The craft took off very rapidly and disappeared. Many of the children were frightened by the little stranger and when they told what happened to the only nearby adult who worked at a snack bar, she didn't believe them. She would not come out and was not prepared to leave the snack bar unattended with all the food and money.

On Tuesday, September 20, 1994, Africa’s top notch UFO researcher, Cynthia Hind, who is now deceased, was at the school with a BBC reporter and their television equipment. She also went with her son and with Gunter Hofer, a young man who built his own electrical equipment, a Geiger counter, a metal detector and a magnetometer, to find any trace evidence left behind by the object. Gunter and the men thoroughly examined the ground around where the children had seen the object, but could get no reaction on the Geiger counter or on the other equipment. If the object was hovering perhaps nothing would show.

The principal of the school, Mr. Colin Mackie, was most cooperative with Ms. Cynthia Hind’s investigation, stated that he had never been involved with UFOs or a believer in them, but said that he believed the children had seen what they said they saw. Ms. Hind was able to interview about 10 or 12 older children and it was recorded for BBC television.

Although some children were more observant than others, the consensus of opinion was that an object did come down in the area where they indicated, about 100 meters from where they were at the edge of the school playing field. During the course of her investigation, Ms. Hind obtained 30-40 drawings from the children some of which were very explicit and clear, although some were rather vague. Most of the descriptions were crude but more or less saucer shape, but some of the craft were very obviously 'flying saucers'.

The children varied in cultures: there were black, white, colored and Asian children. One little girl said to Ms. Hind, “I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.” Ms. Hind could see the pleasure on her face when she told her that she believed her. The smaller children from 5-7 years were very frightened at the time and ran shouting “Help me, help me.” When the older children asked why they were saying this, the reply was, “He is coming to eat us.” Ms. Hind stated, “I should think this applied more to the black African children who have legends of ‘tokoloshies’ eating children”.

Their teachers were in a meeting and did not come out. When she questioned the school principal about this he said the children always shouted and yelled during their playtime and no-one thought there was anything unusual going on.

The American psychiatrist, writer, ufologist and professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. John Mack, was visiting Zimbabwe at the time of the event, and he spent two days at the Ariel School with the children. He also spoke to the school principal, Colin Mackie, the teachers and some of the parents. John and his fellow researcher, Dominique Callimanopulos, were able to get through to the parents and teachers and convince them that even if they did not believe the children, it was counter-productive to accuse them of lying. Listen and think about what they were saying, he advised. His particular interest in child psychiatry was also of great use during the questioning and many former hidden memories came to light, something Mr. John Mack surely made public when he had the chance to reassess his interviewing.


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Although there have been many unexplained sightings in the town of Lajas, the situation there has been hyped by the amount of lies and exaggeration by a group of so-called, "ufologists" who ignore other areas of Puerto Rico to promote tourism in Lajas. That was evident when my wife and my daughter confronted a terrifying experience in the town of Aguada with extraterrestrials and that group of charlatans refused our plea for help. Of course, if it happened in Lajas they would have jumped on the opportunity for fame and tourism for that town. Those hoaxes and lies were approved and sanctioned by the then mayor of that town who named route 303 "The extraterrestrial route". The idea of building an "UFOport" (ovnipuerto), “la llorona sightings" and the biggest hoax of them all, "that a UFO crashed there" all this could only be found in a science fiction novel.

By Nelson C. Rivera
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