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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The UFO Incident of Falcon Lake, Canada

One of the best documented case with physical trace evidence is the Falcon Lake UFO Incident which occurred on May‭ ‬20,‭ ‬1967.‭ ‬The lone participant was Stephen Michalak,‭ ‬a Polish immigrant who settled in Canada after World War II.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Michalak found work as an industrial mechanic at a cement plant.‭ ‬He had knowledge of automotive machinery,‭ ‬welding,‭ ‬and metalwork.‭ ‬He was also an amateur geologist who spent his spare time prospecting for silver in a region near Falcon Lake in Manitoba,‭ ‬Canada,‭ ‬approximately‭ ‬75‭ ‬kilometers north of the U.S.‭ ‬border.

The place is a largely uninhabited wilderness,‭ ‬known for various mineral deposits.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Michalak had visited the area several times.‭ ‬Other prospectors had found several quartz veins nearby that were associated with silver deposits,‭ ‬and Michalak had even staked a few claims himself.

On May‭ ‬19,‭ ‬1967,‭ ‬while enjoying a few days off,‭ ‬he decided to do some prospecting.‭ ‬He traveled from his home in Winnipeg to Falcon Lake,‭ ‬where he spent the night in a motel on the Trans-Canada Highway.‭

The Encounter:

Stephen Michalak left his motel at about‭ ‬5:30‭ ‬a.m.,‭ ‬that morning and headed north into the wilderness.‭ ‬By‭ ‬9:00‭ ‬a.m.,‭ ‬traveling under a bright,‭ ‬cloudless sky,‭ ‬he had found a quartz vein near a marshy area,‭ ‬close to a small stream.‭ ‬At about‭ ‬11:00‭ ‬a.m.‭ ‬he had lunch,‭ ‬and then went back to examine the quartz formation.‭ ‬At about‭ ‬12:15‭ ‬p.m.,‭ ‬with the sun high and clouds gathering in the west,‭ ‬Michalak was startled by the cackling of some geese,‭ ‬which were obviously disturbed by something.‭ ‬He looked up and was surprised to see two cigar-shaped objects with‭ “‬domes‭” ‬on top of them,‭ ‬an estimated forty-five degrees in altitude,‭ ‬descending and glowing a reddish color.

As the objects got closer to him,‭ ‬the more they appeared to take on a disc-shape.‭ ‬One of the UFOs hovered in mid-air as he watched in awe. The second UFO continued to descend until it finally landed on a large flat rock about‭ ‬150‭ ‬feet from him.‭ ‬The hovering object moved away,‭ ‬changing from red to orange,‭ ‬and finally gray before disappearing into a cloud bank.‭ ‬The landed UFO then began to change its colors in a like fashion.‭ ‬Ultimately,‭ ‬the gray appeared as‭ “‬hot stainless steel.‭”

As he watched the landed craft,‭ ‬he knelt beside a rock where he had been chipping at the quartz veins and had been wearing welding goggles to protect his eyes from flying rock fragments.‭

He remained near that rock for the next half-hour,‭ ‬making a sketch of the object,‭ ‬noting various features,‭ ‬including that the object had no marking or insignias on it.‭ ‬The craft was saucer-shaped,‭ ‬about‭ ‬40‭ ‬feet in diameter.‭ ‬Its upper cupola or dome was an additional three feet high.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Michalak became aware of waves of warm air radiating from the craft,‭ ‬accompanied by the‭ “‬smell of sulphur.‭” ‬He also heard the whirring of what sounded like a fast electric motor,‭ ‬and a hissing,‭ ‬as if air were being taken in or expelled.

A door had opened on the side of the craft revealing the inside being lit up like a Christmas tree.‭ ‬His curiosity prompted him to move closer to the craft and when he got to about‭ ‬60‭ ‬feet,‭ ‬he heard two humanlike voices,‭ ‬one with a higher pitch than the other.

Being certain that the craft was an American experimental test vehicle,‭ ‬he walked closer to it,‭ ‬and sarcastically asked,‭ “‬Okay,‭ ‬Yankee boys,‭ ‬having trouble...‭ ‬I’ll help you‭? ‬He got no response,‭ ‬the voices had subsided,‭ ‬and became flustered.‭ ‬He asked cautiously in Russian,‭ “‬Do you speak Russian‭?” ‬There was still no answer,‭ ‬so he gave greetings in his native Polish,‭ ‬then German and once again in English,‭ ‬but still no response.

Finally,‭ ‬he walked closer to the craft,
‬ending up directly in front of it.‭ ‬As he poked his head into the opening,‭ ‬the light was so bright that he had to snap down the visor on his safety goggles.‭ ‬There he observed panels of different colored lights,‭ ‬and light beams crossing each other like security laser beams.‭ ‬The panel array had a cluster of lights flashing in random sequence similar to that of a computer display.‭ ‬He could not see any living beings inside the craft.

As Michalak stepped away from the craft,‭ ‬he saw that the wall of the craft was about‭ ‬18‭ ‬inches thick.‭ ‬Suddenly,‭ ‬three panels slid over the opening,‭ ‬sealing it‭ “‬like a camera shutter.‭" ‬His attention was now on the exterior of the craft.‭ ‬He later described the surface as being a‭ “‬highly polished glass-like metal with no breaks or seams in its surface.‭”

When he reached out his hand to touch some‭ "‬colorful glass‭" ‬that he observed on object's surface,‭ ‬his glove caught fire and melted burning his hand.‭ ‬Suddenly the object started turning counter-clockwise,‭ ‬and as it did,‭ ‬an exhaust vent opening was exposed,‭ ‬like a type of grid which contained a uniform pattern of round holes.‭ ‬He estimated its size as being about nine inches high by six inches wide.

A blast of hot gas shot out from these holes onto his chest,‭ pushing him backward and setting his shirt and undershirt on fire, which caused him severe burns and pain.‭ ‬He tore off his burning garments and threw them to the ground.‭ ‬He looked up in time to see the craft depart,‭ ‬and felt a rush of hot air as it ascended.

On his way back, he began feeling strange, sick and threw up several times. Disoriented and badly burnt took his best guess at the direction. Nine hours later he finally arrived back home in Winnipeg where his story made local headlines and apparently left doctors baffled.

Michalak felt pain and sickness after that encounter and was treated at a hospital for severe chest and stomach burns.‭ ‬Michalak’s family physician reportedly stated that Michalak was confused and dazed but rational,‭ ‬and showed signs of hair loss and a series of raised oval-shaped sores on the chest and abdomen in a grid-like pattern,‭ ‬similar to a first-degree burn.‭ ‬Reportedly,‭ ‬health problems plagued Michalak for several months,‭ ‬including lack of appetite,‭ ‬weight loss,‭ ‬swelling,‭ ‬and fainting spells,‭ ‬despite a Mayo Clinic psychiatrist stating that Michalak was free of‭ “‬significant mental or emotional illness.‭”

By late June‭ ‬1967,‭ ‬the Royal Canadian Mounted Police‭ (‬RCMP‭) ‬had taken an interest in Michalak’s claims.‭ ‬They could not identify the alleged landing site on their own,‭ ‬and on June‭ ‬1‭ ‬they brought Michalak with them.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬Michalak could not locate the site,‭ ‬which raised some doubts regarding his claim.‭

By June‭ ‬26,‭ ‬they had located the site and recovered personal belongings he had left there.‭ ‬The RCMP obtained soil samples from the location,‭ ‬which they tested for radioactivity.‭ ‬The tests were negative.

However,‭ ‬on July‭ ‬28,‭ ‬Michalak and RCMP officers together identified a circle on the rock face at the scene,‭ ‬15‭ ‬feet in diameter,‭ ‬where the moss had been somehow removed.‭ ‬There were traces of radiation on top of the rock face where the landing site had been.‭

This case was investigated extensively by Canadian authorities,‭ ‬the Condon Commission,‭ ‬and several civilian UFO groups from the U.S.‭ ‬and Canada.‭ ‬The Royal Canadian Mounted Police‭ (‬RCMP‭)‬,‭ ‬the Department of National Defense‭ (‬DND‭)‬,‭ ‬the Royal Canadian Air Force‭ (‬RCAF‭)‬,‭ ‬and the Manitoba Department of Health were some of the agencies involved.‭ ‬Canadian officials reacted quickly after some radioactive traces were detected in soil samples from the landing area as well as on Michalak’s garments.‭ ‬Many reports and documents on the case were eventually released by the Canadian government.‭ ‬One document provides a full summary of the case and the investigation.

The summary of the investigation is as follows:

“‬Both DND and RCMP investigation teams were unable to provide evidence which would dispute Mr.‭ ‬Michalak’s story.‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Michalak sustained rather severe stomach and chest burns.‭ ‬As a result of these,‭ ‬he was hospitalized for a number of days.‭ ‬The doctors who attended and interviewed Mr.‭ ‬Michalak were unable to obtain any information which could account for the burns to his body.‭ ‬The personal items of clothing which were alleged to have been burnt by the UFO,‭ ‬were subjected to an extensive analysis at the RCMP Crime laboratory.‭ ‬The analysts were unable to reach any conclusion as to what may have caused the burn damage.‭

“Soil samples taken by Mr.‭ ‬Michalak from the immediate area occupied by the UFO were analyzed and found to be radioactive to a degree that the samples had to be safely disposed of. An examination of the alleged UFO landing area was made by a radiologist from the Department of Health and Welfare and a small area was found to be radioactive.‭ However, t‬he Radiologist was unable to provide an explanation as to what caused this area to become contaminated.‭"

According to friends and the investigation conducted,‭ ‬Mr.‭ ‬Michalak was an honest and decent family man who could not have made that story up.‭ ‬His claims were further supported since he never sought fame or tried to capitalize on his experience.‭ ‬Stephen Michalak passed away in‭ ‬1999,‭ ‬at the age‭ ‬83.



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nice greetings from Austria a greatPage !!!
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kepp on the great work...ufoadler

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