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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The alien abduction and contacts of Cuban Filiberto Cardenas

A Cuban exile,‭ ‬Filiberto Cardenas,‭ ‬who immigrated to the United States after the Cuban revolution was abducted by extraterrestrials in front of his friend and his family.‭ ‬This case is an important contribution to the body of UFO literature because this may be the first case on record where the original abductee was able to successfully introduce another person into the contact events and to actually take them aboard an alien spacecraft with him.

The story according to the witnesses:

Thursday evening,‭ ‬January‭ ‬3,‭ ‬1979,‭ ‬at about‭ ‬6‭ ‬pm,‭ ‬Filiberto Cardenas,‭ ‬then‭ ‬46‭ ‬years old and‭ ‬3‭ ‬members of the Marti family‭ (‬Fernando‭ ‬46,‭ ‬his wife Elizabeth‭ ‬36,‭ ‬and their daughter Mirta‭ ‬13‭)‬,‭ ‬were returning from an unsuccessful effort to buy a suckling pig for a Sunday-night supper.‭ ‬The farmer they had gone to see had no more pigs for sale.‭ ‬While returning home through U.S.‭ ‬Highway Route‭ ‬27,‭ ‬also known as Okeechobee Road,‭ ‬Filiberto’s‭ ‬1970‭ ‬Chevrolet Station Wagon developed electrical problems.‭ ‬The headlights and all other lights went out and the engine stalled.‭ ‬The car came to a stop near Florida’s Turnpike Extension.‭ ‬When Fernando,‭ ‬who was driving at the time,‭ ‬tried to restart the vehicle,‭ ‬there was no electrical current at all.‭ ‬Filiberto and Fernando got out,‭ ‬opened the engine hood,‭ ‬and looked in at the engine to see what was wrong.‭

At that moment,‭ ‬they observed the engine reflecting different color lights‭ (‬red,‭ ‬violet,‭ ‬blue,‭ ‬orange and then a bluish white‭)‬.‭ ‬Suddenly,‭ ‬both men found themselves‭ ‬covered with a blue-violet light,‭ ‬which accompanied a mysterious hum,‭ ‬similar to a swarm of bees. The car began to vibrate and Mrs.‭ ‬Marti and her daughter began to scream.‭ ‬Filiberto then tried to go to them,‭ ‬but he had been totally paralyzed,‭ ‬and began to soar in the air wrapped in the light.‭ ‬He‭ ‬looked down and saw that he was suspended in the air and rising fast.‭ ‬Meanwhile,‭ ‬Fernando looked to his left and saw Filiberto’s feet ascending above the hood and shouting,‭ “‬Let me go,‭ ‬let me go‭!”

According to Filiberto,‭ ‬when he was about‭ ‬8‭ ‬to‭ ‬10‭ ‬feet above the car,‭ ‬everything went dark,‭ ‬and could not remember what happened as he‭ ‬disappeared from the sight of his terrified friends.

Fernando also felt weightless when that occurred,‭ ‬but managed to jump further inside and over the hot engine,‭ ‬and grabbed hold—which probably saved him from Filiberto’s fate.‭ ‬When the light dimmed and he felt weight again,‭ ‬he observed Filiberto float up the beam of light entering into something indefinable,‭ ‬glimpsing only a dark shape form,‭ ‬which stood motionless in the night sky until a few moments later flew westwards.‭

Soon thereafter,‭ ‬the screams of Fernando Marti’s wife and daughter caused him to react,‭ ‬but all he could excitedly say and which,‭ ‬of course,‭ did not calmed them,‭ ‬was:‭ "‬They took Filiberto‭!‬,‭ ‬a light took him‭!"‬ Fernando’s wife,‭ ‬Elizabeth,‭ ‬had been in an earthquake in California,‭ ‬and fearing the same thing when the car started shaking had grabbed her daughter and pulled her across her lap,‭ ‬putting her arms around her for protection.

‬Fernando jumped into the car and tried the ignition again.‭ ‬After several desperate attempts,‭ ‬he managed to restart the car,‭ ‬but with many failures,‭ ‬like it was not getting enough gas or something.‭ ‬The car chugged forward slowly and then began to improve a little,‭ ‬finally upon arriving on route‭ ‬27,‭ ‬it began to run normally again.‭ ‬Already near the city of Miami,‭ ‬he stopped at a gas station to telephone the police,‭ ‬but was told to go to a pay phone and call back.

He got back into the car,‭ ‬which started OK this time,‭ ‬and they drove to Hialeah to look for a pay phone.‭ ‬While already in the city,‭ ‬they instead saw a police patrol car in a commercial area. They stopped and explained to the police sergeant what had happened. It was then decided to begin the search for Filiberto,‭ ‬who they supposed was lost or disoriented somewhere in the vicinity. The police alerted the Homestead Air Force Base,‭ ‬to send in planes and helicopters with spotlights.

Fernando called Filiberto’s wife,‭ ‬Iris,‭ ‬and told her that an object with a large light had taken her husband.‭ ‬She wanted more details and he tried unsuccessfully to explain something he himself did not understand.‭ ‬Mrs.‭ ‬Cardenas began to cry.

When Iris hung up the phone,‭ ‬she got a nephew to drive her to where Filiberto had disappeared.‭ ‬After checking with the police and finding that they knew nothing more than Fernando’s call,‭ ‬she and her nephew set out to see what they could find out.‭ ‬They did not find anything at the scene.

Fernando Marti admitted: “‬I would find it hard to believe if I read about it in a newspaper,‭ ‬but I was there with my wife and daughter.‭ ‬We were all terrified by the light and the noise,‭ when it ended,‭ ‬Filiberto had vanished.‭”

Two hours later,‭ ‬at about‭ ‬8‭ ‬pm,‭ ‬Filiberto found himself on all fours on the pavement of Eighth Street near‭ ‬142‭ ‬Southwest Avenue‭ ‬where a few beacons of light dazzled him and where he heard the screeching of the brakes and the skidding of tires of a car whose driver had to stop suddenly to avoid hitting him.‭ ‬The driver then got out,‭ ‬pulled him off the road,‭ ‬and then called the police.‭ ‬A few minutes later,‭ ‬at‭ ‬8:15‭ ‬pm,‭ ‬police officer William Christian,‭ ‬of the Fifth Precinct,‭ ‬picked him up and after taking care of him,‭ ‬proceeded to question him and submitted a written report of the incident.‭

The police notified Mrs.‭ ‬Cardenas and she rushed to the station and took him to a local clinic for treatment. Someone said that a checkup should be made for radiation if this was in fact UFO related.‭ ‬The local clinic was unable to treat or examine for such effects and Filiberto was taken to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital at about‭ ‬01:30‭ ‬in the morning of January‭ ‬4th to see what they could do.‭

His medical records showed that he complained of pains in both knees and out-of-focus vision in the last hour.‭ ‬Following X-rays and a general examination,‭ ‬the hospital noted,‭ “‬Stable vital signs,‭” ‬a‭ ‬0.2x0.2‭ ‬centimeter abrasion on his forehead and a‭ ‬2x2‭ ‬centimeter yellow lesion on his right shoulder.‭ ‬He was also checked for radioactive contamination at the hospital by an Air Force team sent up from Homestead Air Force Base,‭ ‬south of Miami.‭ ‬The tests were negative and he was discharged and sent home.

‬Officer William Christian stated that Filiberto Cardenas told him that he had no idea of what had happened.‭ ‬Filiberto later declared that he did not dare tell the police officer what he knew for fear of being considered crazy. ‭“‬Before this happened,‭” ‬Filiberto,‭ ‬said,‭ “‬I scoffed at UFOs.‭ ‬Now I know differently.

The investigation begins:

The next day,‭ ‬Friday,‭ ‬January‭ ‬4,‭ ‬several UFO investigators took over the case and immediately began recruiting a research team comprising a doctor,‭ ‬a psychologist,‭ ‬a neurologist,‭ ‬a hypnotherapist and a UFO researcher,‭ ‬Mario Rodriguez D’Agostino,‭ ‬who was representing Mutual UFO Network‭ (‬MUFON‭) ‬in Uruguay.‭ ‬Also enrolling,‭ ‬finally,‭ ‬Dr.‭ ‬J. Allen Hynek who closely followed the developments of this case.

A meticulous examination revealed that Filiberto had‭ ‬108‭ ‬marks,‭ ‬minor burns all over the body,‭ ‬as it was found later,‭ ‬coincided with acupuncture points.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬a few days after the event,‭ ‬the abductee began to show strange symptoms:‭ ‬excessive sweating,‭ ‬extreme thirst,‭ ‬extreme changes in temperature,‭ ‬strong smell of sulfur,‭ ‬memory loss,‭ ‬excessive increase of sexual appetite and many episodes of alteration of the‭ ‬time and space laws.

Paranormal events:

Once back, Filiberto began to sense various paranormal activities,‭ ‬and thus, among other things, could see through walls or knew exactly what a person far away from him was doing. ‭ ‬Moreover,‭ ‬the implants that were allegedly put‭ ‬​​in the ears,‭ ‬as envisioned under hypnosis, made him see‭ ‬images and hear sounds of‭ ‬things that were going to occur in the future. In this regard, Dr. Hynek suggested that such tiny devices could have been placed at the cellular level‭; ‬something with‭ ‬today’s machines does not result‭ ‬in something absurd.

One of the most interesting space-time distortions was with a thick gold watch Filiberto used to wear on his wrist.‭ ‬Every time he returned to the spot where he was abducted, the hands on the watch sped up making an audible noise. When‭ ‬he touched it with his right index finger it would speed up even more.‭ ‬He demonstrated this for his wife,‭ ‬to his friends and to UFO investigators.‭ ‬

At the abduction site,‭ ‬he would hear‭ “‬their‭” ‬voices in his head and he would be given information.‭ ‬Later he could hear them without going to the site. ‭ ‬On another occasion,‭ ‬he sensed that his father-in-law needed help,‭ ‬and drove automatically to the spot where the man’s car had broken down.

Filiberto relates his encounter through hypnosis:

Finally,‭ ‬under hypnotic regression,‭ ‬Filiberto could relate the details of his fantastic adventure.‭ ‬According to his story,‭ ‬the ship that abducted him,‭ ‬had three humanoids aboard,‭ ‬and went to a beach,‭ ‬a place where other similar ships gathered to enter together into the sea.

While under the ocean, the craft made a right turn and began to slowdown.‭ ‬Before it appeared a tunnel with illuminated walls as if they were phosphorescent. The craft went through the tunnel,‭ ‬and came to a halt in a completely dry place. It was a big place,‭ ‬like a cavern.‭ ‬There was a stone seat and two symbols. One of them was shaped like a snake,‭ ‬and was the size of,‭ “‬an electric lamp post‭”; ‬the other was like the first,‭ ‬but smaller.

In that place,‭ ‬the beings escorted the victim from the ship,‭ ‬and took him to the rock seat,‭ ‬where they sat him.‭ ‬They made him drink‭ “‬a liquid that tasted like honey,‭” ‬and they told him that it was to feed him. A huge door opened,‭ ‬which was like a whole wall,‭ ‬and several‭ “‬people‭” ‬came out of it.‭ ‬Filiberto,‭ ‬felt tightness in the chest,‭ ‬as if he was not getting enough air. The sensations and smells were very strange to him. At that time,‭ ‬someone approached him and said,‭ “‬Welcome‭”‬.

This individual who received him, spoke to him‭ ‬in perfect Spanish, with a‭ ‬Portuguese or Italian accent. He looked like an Earthling. He informed him that ‭“‬he was from‭ ‬Earth,‭ ‬and had long been among the aliens.‭”‬ He also told him that ‭“‬he ought to be glad, because he was to receive instructions from a human being like himself.‭”‬ He was then led through a door onto a street, what seemed like a great city. They crossed it,‭ ‬and entered a small room.

In that place, Filiberto felt that he was being‭ ‬sucked against the wall. The wall flipped over and became kind of a table.‭ ‬Paralyzed, the abductee stared at the ceiling, and realized that there were some‭ ‬figures moving around him. They put a light in his eyes,‭ ‬something in one ear ‭(‬which he later said was a radio to communicate with him‭)‬. From the‭ ‬wall,‭ ‬something like arms came out full of suction cups, which almost‭ ‬covered them ‬entirely. He felt no pain.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬he could not move.

After the examination,‭ ‬they made him leave through a hallway ‬until he reached another room. This place was the same, or similar to the mother ship’s‭ ‬control room.‭ ‬There was a high‭ ‬chair,‭ ‬an individual with a cape, and TV screens on the wall, etc.‭ ‬They showed Filiberto‭ ‬again different things that were going to happen. Then they pointed to‭ ‬some‭ ‬reflections on the floor, ‭“‬three triangles or pyramids joined by a thin halo of light.‭”‬ They explained that ‭“‬those were the controls that‭ ‬they had here on Earth. One in the Pacific Ocean, one in the Atlantic, and‭ ‬the other deep inside the Earth.‭ “

Another alien approached the abductee, and escorted him to a different place. There they showed him a book with photographs of different places. They‭ ‬let him know that it had been with them for‭ ‬18 months.‭ ‬They made him sleepy and then‭ ‬woke him up. For food, they‭ ‬gave him‭ ‬“some things like pills.‭”‬ For a moment,‭ ‬Filiberto thought they wanted him to go crazy. They transferred him to another room where there were two individuals,‭ “‬which looked like‭ ‬Earthlings‭”‬ with gray overcoats,‭ ‬“like those used in laboratories.‭”‬ He was taken to another room where there was a meeting as if it were‭ “‬a party.‭”

Later they took him to a large room where an upright ship was located, ‭“‬similar to‭ ‬our rockets.‭”‬ They entered him inside. Three more aliens entered‭ ‬with him inside the alien spacecraft,‭ ‬which‭ ‬sat him‭ ‬on a suction‭ ‬chair, as the ones mentioned before, and manipulated the craft until‭ ‬making it take‭ ‬off.

Filiberto could not see anything happening outside.‭ ‬After a short trip, the door of the‭ ‬flying object opened wide, and Filiberto was lowered out of it, onto a pasture.‭ ‬The beings opened his mouth and gave him something to‭ ‬drink. At such times, the abductee began to feel ill. The ship was lost out of‭ ‬sight high in the sky, and Filiberto made ​​a supreme effort to orient himself ... he did not know where he was,‭ ‬and was not aware of the surroundings. He began to move on all fours on the ground. In the distance,‭ ‬he saw lights, and headed‭ ‬immediately towards them. They were the lights of cars traveling the road where he‭ ‬would be picked up a short while later.

The second encounter:

On‭ ‬February‭ ‬21, 1979,‭ ‬about a month and a half after the first abduction, a voice directed him to the same site again.‭ ‬Then he consulted with the aliens asking if his wife,‭ ‬Iris,‭ ‬could accompany him,‭ ‬and this time he took her along.‭ ‬At around‭ ‬03:00‭ am, ‬a top-shaped UFO arrived.‭  ‬Filiberto and Iris observed the craft as it approached and hovered near their parked car almost at the same place where Filiberto was abducted.‭ ‬The ship did not actually touch down,‭ ‬but hovered a few feet above the ground.‭

The Cardenases walked up to what looked like a plate-glass window,‭ ‬and then suddenly they were through the‭ “‬glass‭” ‬and inside the ship.‭ ‬They saw several narrow one-legged chairs with tall backs.‭ ‬The chairs could swivel around.‭ ‬Then they saw the very human looking occupants of the ship.‭ ‬They were from‭ ‬3‭½ ‬to‭ ‬4‭ ‬feet tall‭ (‬smaller than Filiberto‭) ‬and were dressed in the tight-fitted silvery bluish-white one-piece suits previously described by Filiberto.‭ ‬The emblem worn on the right side of the chest looked like an‭ “‬X‭” ‬lying down with a raised serpent in the center.‭ ‬The aliens had big eyes that were oblique,‭ ‬like orientals,‭ ‬but they were longer and came farther around to the side of the face.‭ ‬They had a normal straight nose and a small mouth that never moved.

The control room in the spacecraft was surrounded by one wall of small‭ ‬3-dimensional TV-like screens showing a great many things.‭ ‬Another wall was covered with illuminated colored buttons of many shades.

Officer Schirmer's Entity
These UFO occupants were described something like the beings encountered by police officer Herbert Schirmer in Nebraska‭ (‬USA‭) ‬in‭ ‬1967.‭ ‬The aliens wore tight-fitted blue-white one-piece suits covering everything except the face.‭ ‬He also observed a serpent-like emblem on the right chest of the garment and a button-like earphone over the left ear with a small antenna sticking out the top.‭ You can read about officer Herbert Schirmer here.

The main physical difference was the smaller‭ ‬4-foot size of the beings that the couple observed.‭ ‬They spoke telepathically to the Cardenases,‭ ‬and conversed among themselves in a language that sounded like Arabic.

The two male and one female crewmembers seemed fascinated by Iris Cardenas‭’ ‬painted fingernails and toenails.‭ ‬The aliens suffered from sneezing throughout the experience,‭ ‬and explained that there was something that emanated from human bodies that caused this in close proximity. ‭

Mrs.‭ ‬Cardenas said that she pinched herself to be sure she was not dreaming.‭ ‬She also asked one of the aliens if she could touch him and he agreed.‭ ‬The material of his suit felt slick in one direction and rough in another,‭ ‬like tiny fish scales.‭ ‬His body was firm under the material of the suit.

Iris lighted a cigarette inside the craft and Mr.‭ ‬Cardenas told her not to smoke‭ “‬so that she would not contaminate the atmosphere inside the ship‭”‬.

‬Iris asked the aliens if they were the ones who had abducted two little girls from Puerto Rico‭ (‬she had heard the story from a nurse when she was in the clinic with Filiberto‭)‬,‭ ‬and they answered that they do not abduct little girls...,‭ ‬which relieved Iris of the fears for her‭ ‬3-year-old daughter,‭ ‬Barbarita.

This time they were both aboard in full waking consciousness,‭ ‬remained fully aware,‭ ‬and alert the whole time.‭ ‬They could both remember the whole experience without hypnotic regression. He and his wife did not return until nearly‭ ‬06:00‭ ‬am, the following morning.

That morning there was a sighting of a flying saucer by people who were at the Miami International Airport, precisely the same height where Filiberto Cardenas and his wife claimed to have raised aboard the UFO.

At exactly at‭ ‬10:00‭ ‬in the morning,‭ ‬a large mother-ship with‭ ‬2‭ ‬smaller disc shaped objects flying around it,‭ ‬were seen by hundreds of witnesses at Miami International Airport‭ (‬10‭ ‬miles from this most recent encounter‭)‬.‭ ‬Mrs.‭ ‬Julia Gonzales and Mr.‭ ‬Ricardo Sanchez,‭ ‬airport employees working in the center of the airport runway area,‭ ‬stated that they observed all three objects clearly for several minutes.‭ ‬They saw passengers who were boarding a flight for departure stop and stare at the unusual spectacle.‭ ‬They also saw other airport employees watching the ships in the sky overhead.‭ ‬Gonzales called a local radio station to report the strange phenomenon and notified a UFO investigator.‭


Among the messages, transmitted by one of the aliens named Kiostros, highlighted the event that came next,‭ ‬the tragic end of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.‭ ‬That would happen in‭ ‬1981. An even more surprising is‭ ‬that a movie star and his wife would become president and first lady of the United States, which occurred in January of that year when Ronald Reagan and his wife‭ (‬Nancy Reagan‭)‬, both movies actors,‭ ‬went to the White House. He also announced a war in the Middle East,‭ ‬which would involve Saudi Arabia and Israel.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬the disappearance‭ ‬from the map of one of the oil producing nations,‭ ‬the small nation of Kuwait. The most significant of these predictions is that it was made years before‭ ‬when hardly anyone had heard of Kuwait.

There were many other prophecies that Filiberto Cardenas recalls as follows: ‭“‬They showed me that in the final moments of‭ ‬1985 the fall of several dictators in Latin America and the Philippines,‭ ‬in the same order that it would occurred‭; ‬Duvalier,‭ ‬Marcos, Pinochet, Stroessner, Noriega.‭ ‬Finally, they also spoke of Fidel Castro. Likewise,‭ ‬they told me that he would travel to Europe to give some important messages to the Pope.‭”

Filiberto‭ ‬was also given the following apocalyptic prophecies:‭ "‬The Earthlings are going to destroy themselves. There‭ ‬is a distant city,‭ ‬that city is called Mexico City. This is going to be soon.‭‬ The aliens‭ ‬always spoke to emphasize, ‭'we are not going to do it. We want to prevent the events‭'"‬. He‭ ‬asked them‭ ‬if‭ ‬something could be done to prevent it,‭ ‬and they‭ ‬said no. They advised‭ ‬the inhabitants‭ ‬to abandon those territories.‭ ‬He‭ ‬asked them if it were a‭ ‬punishment for something,‭ ‬but it is not either.‭ ‬They stated that it‭ ‬is‭ ‬something‭ ‬natural and they told Filiberto something,‭ ‬in a way he could not‭ ‬see or analyze,‭ ‬but it is understood that this must happen and will happen. The‭ ‬only‭ ‬means to save the‭ ‬people or inhabitants, which are millions, is to abandon those territories. The capital of Mexico is one.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬almost the entire populations of California will sink into the ocean.

Filiberto’s last encounter:

Filiberto Cardenas’s last contact with the extraterrestrials took place in 1989. He recalls: ‭"‬I was taken to‭ ‬a place at the bottom of the sea floor, where I felt tremendous pressure in the chest and‭ ‬could not breathe, as if I were‭ at great depth. Then we went through some passages and at the end,‭ ‬I saw people like me,‭ ‬humans, Earthlings.‭" Adding that on that occasion,‭ ‬he had a terrifying encounter with ‭‬a creature with‭ "‬a lightning‭ ‬look and a‭ ‬voice like thunder,‭" which‭ ‬in‭ ‬a predetermined time has made‭ ‬​​its appearance among us.‭ For Filiberto‭ his experience has not concluded.

Filiberto Cardenas has been a very honest, hard-working man and a determined husband and father. He was not particularly interested in the UFO phenomenon until this chain of events came about. But his fortune took a turn for the better after the contacts began and he is now rearranging his life to give himself more time to devote to the study of what is happening to him, and to others, and to tell the sleeping world what is really happening.  


Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks for the info!! its really well organized and detailed. :D

February 11, 2012 at 9:31 PM
Anonymous said...

Aliens are crap

February 14, 2012 at 4:06 AM
Brooklyn New York Bensonhurst Sunset Park said...

Excellent Site!

February 15, 2012 at 6:11 PM
Anonymous said...

I'm of Mexican descent and live in southern California, after reading all of this, I've made up my mind that I'm moving my family out of southern California. I don't want to end up in the bottom of the Pacific ocean.

April 20, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Anonymous said...

Interesting read though of course a lot of questions, the Cuban/ Castro prediction for starters was wrong, Okay, let's talk about the predictions, Filiberto being a Cuban exile no doubt would hope for a regime change in his homeland so his prediction (false as it was) about Castro being toppled in 1985 was something emanating from his own desire as an exile and enemy of the Castro regime, the middle east is a volatile place so any prediction to do with the middle east and war isn't something far from happening. Still a lot of unexplained circumstances especially since the other witnesses are not spoken of much, and where is Filiberto today is he alive, what's become of his wife and the first witnesses Fernando and family???

May 1, 2014 at 7:22 AM

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