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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mexican pilot Carlos de los Santos escorted by three UFOs

Information compiled and translated by PRUFON


The first of such incidents, and perhaps one of the best known cases of an aircraft encountering multiple UFOs in the world, is what happened to the young Mexican pilot Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel. Carlos de los Santos, the son of a Mexican aviation technician, had the experience of being escorted by three "flying saucers" while flying in a "Piper PA-24" airplane en route to Mexico City. Subsequently, he was accosted by Men in Black and threatened him to keep quiet.

When the sighting occurred, de los Santos was 23 years old, with 370 hours of flight experience and worked for the airline company Pelletier.

The story according to Carlos de los Santos:

On May 2, 1975, de los Santos departed from Benito Juarez
International Airport in Mexico City in a Piper PA-24 aircraft, taking two passengers with him to Lazaro Cardenas, a town situated at the mouth of the Balsas River. They arrived at their destination without any problems.

In the afternoon that same day, he elected to return to his base in Mexico City, but the aircraft battery failed him, which took two or three hours to repair. But since by now it got too late to return to Mexico City, he decided to fly to Zihuatanejo instead. There he had dinner and slept with the intentions of being on his way after breakfast the following morning.

At 10:30 am, on Saturday, May 3, he flew from the city of Zihuatanejo, but since the route he should have taken was covered with clouds and bad weather, he climbed above the city of Zihuatanejo to ten thousand feet in height. Once he reached that altitude, he took airway G-3 (a route drawn up by the Air Traffic Control Center to fly from Zihuatanejo to Mexico City), which should be flown at 11,000 feet. But since this route also had lots of clouds cover and mists, he climbed to 15,000 feet to fly over these obstacles. He was flying with the navigation instruments VOR and ADF (which helps navigate an aircraft in bad weather). The first connected with Zihuatanejo and the second connected with the city of Tequesquitengo.

He flew over the city of Tequesquitengo at about 12:30 pm, although normally he should have flown over that city at 11:30 am, but with the maneuvers to avoid the inclement weather, it had made this time difference possible. When his VOR indicated that he was flying over Tequesquitengo, he changed his direction towards magnetic course 004 (which indicated the electronic devices and the compass), which is what he had to follow to get to Mexico City. After establishing a set course, he wanted to visually find the Lagoon of Tequesquitengo, when he couldn’t find it, he re-checked his instruments and continued flying.

The UFO encounter:

Suddenly, he noticed the presence of an unidentified object, placing itself about nine inches above the right wing of his light aircraft.  The feelings it gave him were of tremendous surprise and confusion. Four or five seconds later, he observed a second flying object settling itself about nine inches over the left wing. At that moment, he began to feel extremely nervous and stuttered a bit while talking to himself trying to calm down; he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Almost automatically, he discovered a third object moving rapidly almost impossible to see, losing altitude and placing itself in front of the plane’s cockpit. For a moment, he thought that it was going to crash into him, but with a fantastic plunge, it let him through and placed itself under the belly of his aircraft.

Almost instantly, he was shocked and scared even more, which caused him to cry and was badly shaken. He communicated with the Air Traffic Control Center and told them what was happening. The communication was more or less like this: "To Mexico Center, to Mexico Center, this is Extra Alpha Union, mayday, mayday, mayday" and did not received a response. Again, he kept trying to establish communications by repeating "mayday, mayday, mayday" and this time he did receive a response as follows: "Go ahead, Extra Alpha Union, this is Mexico Center, what is your emergency?" He answered them: "I am flying with three unidentified visual objects around me, I am crying, I am very nervous, I do not know what to do".

Mexico Center did not answer him and the silence increased his fear. He thought that perhaps they didn’t believe him and most likely they didn’t even want to answer him.

Since he was certain that the third object was attached under the plane’s fuselage, he decided to lower the landing gear in the hopes of detaching the object from the plane if possible or to find out if the landing gear was damaged. In effect, the landing gear did not come down, there were no light indications on the dashboard and the emergency lever did not work either, which meant that the object prevented the landing gear from lowering.

The airplane continued flying without problems and he decided to roll the plane towards the left to see if the object over the right wing could disengage. But it was impossible to do because the controls did not respond. The plane continued flying, but he had no control over it. He wanted to do the same towards the opposite side, but to no avail. Apparently, the strange objects were controlling the aircraft.

He tried communicating again with Mexico Center and he informed them that unknown forces were controlling his aircraft and had lost control over it. Again, no response was received. He thought that perhaps his radio did not work or those objects were preventing it from working.

The UFOs didn’t divert him from his intended route, without any change in the indicators and in the aircraft engine instruments. However, in speed, the speedometer registered a lower than normal speed and the altimeter indicated that the plane was ascending very rapidly, climbing 15 to 20 feet per second. That was dangerous because his cabin was not pressurized while his plane kept climbing and being guided by those objects.

After being escorted for 18 minutes, while arriving at the Ajusco mountain range and nearly flying over the town of Tlalpan, those objects suddenly left him heading towards the location of some volcanos. He did not see them again and regained control of his aircraft, but he was still very frightened. As the objects departed, two radars at Benito Juarez International Airport captured the three departing UFOs around his craft making maneuvers, which no plane in the world could do at the time.

Since he knew that the landing gear was perhaps not working, he advised the control tower on his final approach to the Mexico City Airport of the malfunction, and asked for permission to fly over the runway, so they could apprise him on the conditions of the landing gear. Due to the emergency, the airport closed for 1 hour and 17 minutes.

He flew over the airport’s runway for a landing attempt and the control tower advised that the landing gear was completely inside, although the indicators (the lights as well as the lever) showed that the landing gear was down. Eight times, he tried to lower the landing gear with the electrical system, without success. After the eighth attempt, he made four more with the emergency system, and finally the landing gear came out. However, he feared that it wasn’t completely down, and upon touching the runway it could go back inside. But with all these doubts he took a risk to land and luckily the landing gear responded and he managed to survive the terrible ordeal.

Encounter with the Men in Black:

His experience was treated with headlines in the Mexican press, and after two weeks, de los Santos, a twenty-three years old youth, whose greatest ambition was to become airlines pilot, was invited to appear on a television program to discuss his experience. He reluctantly agreed.

While traveling in his car on the highway, in the direction of the TV station, he saw a large black car that he thought was like the limo of a diplomat, reducing speed before him. He looked in the rearview mirror and saw another identical car behind his. The two cars looked so new as if they had been driven for the first time. Suddenly, they both got real close to him that soon he was forced to pull over by the emergency lane.

When Carlos stopped, the other cars stopped also. Just when Carlos was about to exit his vehicle, four big burly men with broad shoulders jumped out. 

One of them put his hands on the door of Carlos’ car, to make sure he doesn’t come out. He spoke quickly, in a strange "mechanical" Spanish: 

"Look, kid, if you value your life and that of your family, do not talk anymore of what you saw".

Carlos, too stunned to reply, watched the four men, who looked like Scandinavians with extraordinary white skins and black suits, returning to their cars and driving away. Carlos turned around and went home.

Two days later, he told the story to Pedro Ferriz, the host of the television show in which he was supposed to appear. Ferriz, a UFO enthusiast, told him that he had heard of strange Men in Black who were threatening UFOs witnesses. He assured the young pilot, that despite the threats they will not cause him any harm. In time, he persuaded Carlos to partake in another television interview, which took place without incident.

A month later, Carlos met Dr. J. Allen Hynek, (the late American professor, astronomer and ufologist), who acted as a scientific advisor to the U.S. Air Force (Project Blue Book) on issues related to UFOs. The two of them spoke and before saying goodbye, Hynek invited Carlos to have breakfast with him the next morning.

At six o'clock in the morning, de los Santos left his home and went to the offices of several Mexican airlines, where he had applied for a job, then went to meet Hynek at the hotel.

While going up the staircase in the hotel, he was surprised to see one of the Men in Black who had forced him off the highway four weeks earlier.

"We warned you once", said the strange man, "you don’t have to talk about your experience".

And as if to stress the seriousness of the threat, he pushed Carlos, causing him to step back several steps down the staircase.

"Look", he went on, "I don’t want to create you any problems. And why did you leave your house at six o'clock in the morning? Do you work for a Mexican airline? Go away and don’t come back!"

De los Santos left immediately, without seeing Dr. Hynek.

Remembering a year after the strange events, de los Santos told his experience to two American UFO researchers: "They were very strange, burly, and much taller than Mexicans, with a mortal pallor skin".


Carlos Antonio de los Santos Montiel, was an experienced young pilot who worked for the airline company Pelletier, obviously encountered something very unusual to him as he continuously yelled over the radio "mayday", when flying from the city of Zihuatanejo to Mexico City. Of course, he wasn’t hallucinating because the control tower took seriously his report after its staff (two different air traffic controllers) detected the three unidentified objects on their radar screens.

He later repeated during several interviews: "What I would like to make clear is that, my personal reputation and profession are safe thanks to the testimonies of those air traffic controllers. They observed the three objects on their screens, making a 270-degree turn."

Also Carlos de los Santos, like his brother and two cousins, was a student of astronomy at the "Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México" (National Autonomous University of Mexico). With this background, one could hardly confuse a balloon or the planet Venus with anything else. He described the objects as follows: "They were disc-shaped, about three to four meters in diameter without antennas, had a dull gray fuselage and a sort of windshield, all without rivets and completely smooth".

Ignacio de la vega, Carlos de los Santos
and Fernando J. Téllez

Several UFO investigators from Mexico and the U.S., who had the task of investigating Carlos de los Santos’ incident, have concluded that he was "a perfectly normal young man who was obviously frightened by something extraordinary that had arisen in flight."

The encounter of the Men in Black is commonplace among UFO witnesses. These strange men appear worldwide and it is evident that they are alien beings who disguise themselves as human government agents whose main goal is to threaten and to silent UFO witnesses. I don’t believe that they are U.S. government agents because this phenomenon is worldwide.


Dr John Metcalf-johansen said...

A very interesting report. However,some time back a young australien pilot in a small plane experinced the same encounter but, unfortunately, he and his plane were abducted and never seen again. The air traffic controllers had the 3 UFOs on their radar screen and at the time of the abduction they heared a strange and eerie sound . Dr John Metcalf-Johansen, Denmark

March 17, 2014 at 7:09 PM

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