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Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Italian architect, Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, narrates that he entered an alien craft & found 3 dead aliens


The following story on this page is a personal narration of an Italian man who entered an alien spacecraft and encountered three dead aliens. His account may read like a science fiction novel, but this witness’ profession and background discard any possibility of a hoax. The witness, Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, was a former fighter pilot for the Italian air force during the Second World War, an architect by profession, and had a doctorate degree in aeronautical engineering. He worked as an architect for a well-known company in Caracas, Venezuela back in 1950. During that time, his job had sent him to Argentina on a business trip to work on a large construction project when he came across something that would change his life forever.

His story first appeared in the Venezuelan newspaper "El Universal" on Saturday, May 7, 1955 (five years later) reporting that an Italian architect named Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, was driving through the countryside, outside the city of Bahia Blanca in Argentina and encountered a strange object resting on the ground just off the road. Thinking that it may be a downed airplane, he stopped his vehicle and continued on foot. As he got closer, he noticed that it was a metallic disc shaped object with a door opened on its side. Curious, he entered the craft and to his amazement, discovered that three strange beings were dead. 

Please note: Some assert, on the Internet, that his name was Dr. "Enrique Carotenuto Botta", with a Spanish sounding name and never mentioned that he was Italian, only that he was from South America. But he was Italian, therefore, his actual Italian name was Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa.

The full story as recounted by Dr. Bossa.
Translated from Spanish by PRUFON:

"In the period of April-May 1950, I was in the city of Bahia Blanca, the capital of the province of La Pampa, to build a number of houses. I had a habit, from time to time, of taking long trips around that province in my vehicle to take my mind off things. These trips were generally of 300 to 400 kilometers (about 187 to 249 miles) going and the same coming, which took three days. The route was a summer route which is unusable in the winter (that begins there in May), in a nearly flat, desert-like region with a meager vegetation. There are some granite rocks and in the background are several mountains about 1,000 meters (about 3,289 feet) in height. The land along the route is about 300 meters (about 984 feet) above sea level.

"On May 15, 1950, I made one of such trips, and had traveled 280 kilometers (about 174 miles) from the city of Bahia Blanca and was about 68 degrees west of Greenwich and 37 degrees south latitude. The sky was clear and bright. I just drove my car, pretty distracted and thinking about my affairs, when suddenly, a silver object on the ground caught my attention. I did not find the thing that important, which was at the left of the road at a distance of about 300 meters (about 984 feet).

"As I approached, I noticed strange details such as skylights and a translucent dome. At 50 meters (about 164 feet) of the object, I stopped and observed the exterior of the vehicle carefully and thought of the remains of a crashed airplane. But the strange shape of the object made me abandon that idea. The passing clouds obstructing the sun produced on the object a strange effect. I thought about leaving the car and to approach on foot. At 10 meters (about 33 feet) away, I realized at last that it was a 'saucer'. As a result of my subconscious, I was as happy as a child and with the bold spirit that is acquired under those conditions; I did not hesitate to come closer and to enter inside the object, whose door was open.

"Before entering, I began to examine the object in detail. It had an approximate diameter of 10 meters (about 33 feet); it was formed in two parts: the bottom one was an inverted saucer-shaped (bell) and the other above, cylindrical (tower) and covered by a dome. On top of the dome, there was a strange round lantern. Its total height would be about 4 meters (about 13 feet). A number of high rectangular windows, I have not counted, with long rounded angles. The object was resting on the ground with an inclination of about 20 degrees, supported by a terrain relief. It had an extravagant chromed surface, magnificently polished which reflected my image and the sky. It looked like a dead thing: no life, no noise or vibration. I looked for the door, which was open precisely at the foot of the tower. I thought that I would have some difficulty in climbing to the edge of the bell, but I then realized that this place was extremely unpolished and rough as sandpaper. I realized that the object was not new, because the bottom edge of the bell was a bit deteriorated and chopped in some places.

"I put my feet on the rough metal and from that point to the tower there was a distance of two meters (about 7 feet) without any support, I had to squat to crawl to the door whose approximate dimensions were 1.20 by 0.90 meters (about 4 feet by 3 feet). I poked my head inside without seeing much due to a certain darkness that reigned in there and I smelled a strong odor of ozone and garlic. I immediately jumped inside whose floor was at a depth of about 60 centimeters (about 2 feet). The spectacle I saw was so strange that surpassed my imagination. 

"The floor was a platform that gave me the sensation of sinking slowly under my weight. The control room was perfectly circular, with a height of 2.10 meters (about 7 feet), of a dark color. Around the wall was a series of skylights, very thick, covered with a transparent material bearing a resemblance to Plexiglas.

"My eyes were getting accustomed to the lighting; the scene I saw was horrible. In the center of the control room, which measured about 3.50 meters (about 11 feet) in diameter, was a strange seat occupied by a man of 1.20 to 1.40 meters (about 4 to 4½ feet) in height, wearing a lead-gray overall. His head was round, with sparse light hair and bending forward over his chest. The hands were well formed, of a light tobacco color; they were resting nervously on two handles (levers) that were sticking out of a black box that was a few inches from his body. His face was the same color of his hands, with a well-formed straight nose, his lips without a mustache, and hairless cheeks. The eyes were large, very dilated and glassy. The shapes of the body, as far as could be guessed, were perfectly human and no hint of an animal species was evident. He looked like a 15-year-old adolescent, but with the features of a man. He was not a dwarf. I touched his arm, which was stiff and the body was cold. The overall covered his neck closely and the same on the wrists. The feet were resting slightly on two tubes attached to the floor serving as supports. The overall seemed to be made of hard leather and was inflated at the shoulders, giving the pilot the aspect of a rugby player. The man was not fastened. The seat was in a way appropriate for his body and of a red-vermilion color. It was supported by a central axis. The black box that the pilot had in front of him looked like a dashboard, measuring about 1 meter high by 0.80 meter wide (about 3 by 2½ feet), in which there were two 'cat eyes', the kind you see on certain radio devices. Below this dashboard and a little above his feet, I saw a wide horizontal band with a vertical needle and some strange signs which were undoubtedly numbers. To the right of the pilot, a little in front of the dashboard, there was a semi-opaque disc, like a TV screen switched off.

"The most impressive scene was that of two other identical men, lying on two large comfortable chairs on each side of the pilot and against the wall, appearing equally dead. They were not strapped and there was no belt.

"Their eyes were open and terrified, with half-opened mouths and a bit swollen. But why the third seat was empty? I touched it and found that it was a very soft material. The whereabouts of the fourth member of the crew, evidently left leaving the door opened, began to worry me. My attention was drawn to two rectangular power strips about 4 centimeters (about 1½ inches) high, placed on the floor and going from the center to the periphery, ending up on each side of the door. I also noticed on the dashboard, a transparent sphere of 25 centimeters (about 10 inches) in diameter surrounded by a flat ring, inclined at 40 degrees and looked exactly like the planet Saturn as observed through a telescope. Was it an automatic calculator of latitude or colatitude?

"Lifting my eyes, I noticed that the control room wall was not continuing to the ceiling, but there was adjoining the ceiling a very pronounced circular relief, with rectangular holes of 60 centimeters (about 2 feet) wide and 20 centimeters (about 8 inches) high. This perforated molding was repeated in the same way around the floor. A luminous globe of light, attached to the ceiling, was flashing slowly and emitting a white-orange light. I thought at that moment that the energy of the craft was still active and a thousand ideas went through my head... a mad panic seized me and a jolt of cold blood was all that was needed to regain my composure. I took a last look at the control room and went outside sliding on the rough edge of the bell. When hardly on the ground I suffered vertigo and while breathing our air again I realized then how heavy the control room air was and how distressing it was to breathe.

"Furious for not bringing my camera, I thought of going quickly to General Acha, a town situated about 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) from the place, to look for some engineer friends that were there. I rushed to my car and found that, in contrary to the usual, the engine started with great difficulty, barely working and giving the impression that the battery was weak even though I was sure that this wasn't the case. Once up and running, everything little by little began to return to normal, as I moved away from the object.

"Arriving at General Acha, I got in touch with my friends, to whom I recounted the adventure. After having been convinced with great difficulty, they agreed to accompany me and we decided to leave the following day early in the morning, because it was already too late to arrive by the day. We then set off at dawn taking with us a Kodak Retina 2 camera, but because of a violent storm, we arrived on the scene at 12.45 hours (12:45 pm). The sky was half covered with cumulonimbus clouds over the mountains. We looked for the object and we couldn't find it.

"The ironic expressions began to show on the faces of my friends, when our attention was drawn to a pile of ashes about 2 meters (about 7 feet) high and 5 meters (about 16 feet) in diameter that was exactly where I had seen the disc. The ashes had a red-silvery color and were still smoldering slightly. I put my hand on it and noticed that the temperature was about 40° Celsius (104° Fahrenheit).

"At this moment one of us raised the eyes to the sky and we observed a saucer identical to the one I had seen, that was flying over us at an estimated altitude of 600 meters (1,968.50 feet). I immediately took a picture of the object at the precise moment that it gained altitude. Above the craft, another object could be seen flying identically to the first one. And yet higher, we saw a cigar-shaped object hovering at some distance from us. The two discs headed toward the cigar-shaped object in an oblique climb, inclining as they traveled toward it. During their acceleration, the discs changed from a silvery color to a pinkish color. In a few seconds, the two discs met with the cigar-shaped object, which then disappeared and immediately the cigar-shaped object dashed off in a sudden fantastic speed that we estimated at 12,000 km /h (7,456.45 mph)."


What happened to the dead aliens? Since he did state that the bottom edge of the bell was a bit deteriorated and chopped in some places and was also tilted 20 degrees on the ground, supported by a terrain relief, it is possible that the spacecraft crashed in that barren region of Argentina.

I've noticed that since he was an architect, he was able to describe the exterior and interior of the craft in detail and appeared to be well versed at taking measurements since he hardly used words like "about" or "approximately". He had all the attributes to describe an unknown object in detail. Dr. Enrico Carotenuto Bossa, was a former fighter pilot, an architect by profession, and had a doctorate degree in aeronautical engineering.

A Venezuelan ufologist and the main investigator in the case named, Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume (who died in 1971), interviewed Dr. Bossa for several weeks. Dr. Bossa informed him that he suffered a fever or high temperature and his skin was covered with blisters. Even though he said that he has consulted with several specialists, none was able to formulate a diagnosis, nor to alleviate its condition and those symptoms went away after a while. Also, since he wore eyeglasses while entering the disc, a red mark appeared around his eyes with the outline of the lenses. A doctor had tested him with a Geiger counter to determine if he had been exposed to radiation, but did not find any trace. In addition, there were visible greenish spots on his skin, which disappeared with the application of a medication.

The article, which appeared in "Le Courrier Interplanétaire" (a French magazine) on April 1956, ends with a footnote indicating that the author of this report is a 44-year-old Italian architect who signs his name as Enrico Bossa. He asked on that occasion not to reveal his main name (Carotenuto) because his life has been tough in Argentina and Venezuela and has lost one of his jobs "for believing in flying saucers".

In the decade of the seventies, Leonard H. Stringfield, a veteran UFO researcher from Cincinnati, (who died in 1994), was dedicated in gathering evidence to prove that the U.S. government had in its possession UFOs and their occupants. He published in his book "Situation Red: The UFO Siege" in 1978 that the witness's name was "Enrique Caretenuto Botta" (his actual Italian name is Enrico Caretenuto Bossa). That's because he was used to protecting the identity of witnesses, thus made a variation of his real name, without mentioning that it was a pseudonym, creating some confusion. In addition, his version, which contains errors, inaccuracies and discrepancies, was based on reports provided to him by Horacio Gonzalez Ganteaume and the witness himself in a 1955 letter.


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Although there have been many unexplained sightings in the town of Lajas, the situation there has been hyped by the amount of lies and exaggeration by a group of so-called, "ufologists" who ignore other areas of Puerto Rico to promote tourism in Lajas. That was evident when my wife and my daughter confronted a terrifying experience in the town of Aguada with extraterrestrials and that group of charlatans refused our plea for help. Of course, if it happened in Lajas they would have jumped on the opportunity for fame and tourism for that town. Those hoaxes and lies were approved and sanctioned by the then mayor of that town who named route 303 "The extraterrestrial route". The idea of building an "UFOport" (ovnipuerto), “la llorona sightings" and the biggest hoax of them all, "that a UFO crashed there" all this could only be found in a science fiction novel.

By Nelson C. Rivera
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