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Sunday, June 17, 2012

The alien abduction of Brazilian José Antonio da Silva in 1969

The following was translated from Brazilian Portuguese into English by Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON)


This case is one of the first encounters with UFOs and extraterrestrials occurring in Brazil. And since it's so strange, I leave it to the reader to decide its veracity. The strange abduction case occurred in Bebedouro, near Matosinhos in Brazil with the participation of Antonio José da Silva, a soldier of the Military Police of the state of Minas Gerais. The case originally was published in the "Boletim Especial 1975 da Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos de Discos Voadores" (Special Bulletin of the Brazilian Society for the Study of Flying Disks).

The abduction according to José Antonio da Silva:

On May 4, 1969, the soldier José Antonio da Silva, was fishing in a pond in Bebedouro near Matozinhos (state of Minas Gerais, Brazil), when around 15.00 hours (3:00 pm), he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Looking back, he noted some figures in the tall grass and heard muffled moans just before being struck by some type of fire.

It looked like fire, but it was not because he was not burned. It was a greenish flash of light in the center and red around the edges.

Feeling cramps and numbness in the legs, he knelt down automatically dropping the fishing rod and could not walk or react. Then two small individuals of 1.20 meters high lifted him by the armpits and dragged him along the swampy shrubland to a spool-shaped device. It was a gray cylinder, two meters high, resting on a black circular platform 2.50 meters in diameter that was on the ground. In the upper extremity, there was another circular platform slightly larger, about three meters in diameter. They entered him through an opening in the cylindrical part, into a quadrangular chamber. It was all lit but without an apparent light source.

The description of the aliens:

According to José, these beings had long wavy reddish hair, a long bushy beard, reaching to the abdomen, pale skin, large sclerotic round eyes, darker than the skin, thick eyebrows, a narrow and long nose, large ears, flat at the top, wide mouth, like that of a fish.

How they were dressed:

The crew wore light clothes, shiny, starched at the joints of the knees and elbows. Covering the head, with a matte gray helmet, dull as aluminum, round in the back and "cornered in the front," flattening on the forehead, except at the nose, where there was a corresponding bulge. At the height of the eyes, there were two round holes. Apparently rigid, the mask came down over their shoulders and had no connection with the spacesuit. At the bottom left was a plastic-like tube that passed over the chest and under the right armpit, which ended up in a small socket affixed to their backs.

There was a big contrast between the crew and José Antonio, who was wearing only yellow suede shorts, with a large rosary around his waist and a woman's stocking cap on his head, covered by another blackish net.

While on the ship:

Inside the spacecraft, the small men sat the soldier on a cubic bench without legs, and placed on his head a helmet identical to the ones they were wearing. Also out of that helmet, a tube came out but he did not know if it had to be adapted or plugged in the rear. He thought that perhaps it was behind the seat, although he did not see it.

Sitting one on each side, on the same bench, the two strange beings tied his feet and then his waist with "a very dry rough material." Afterwards they tied themselves. Then another crewmember came and sat opposite him in an isolated bench. With a lever that he was holding, he closed the hatch and made the spacecraft takeoff.

In space: 

Shortly after the takeoff, the crew began to speak animatedly in an unknown language. As the spacecraft rose, the soldier's breathing became more difficult. At a certain height, in addition to being despaired, his body felt tired almost paralyzed. His position was becoming increasingly uncomfortable "due perhaps to the hardness of the bench, the numbness of his legs and the weight of the helmet," whose components crushed the shoulders and the neck. It already seemed that the trip would not end when suddenly the craft tilted somewhere and stopped.  

The little men untied themselves, then the abductee. They closed the holes on the mask in a way that he couldn’t see, only listen to what was happening. At once, they grabbed him under the armpits and hauled him to another place where there was another hard bench. Only then, they opened the holes on the mask. He realized that he was in a large room with an individual before him without a mask and without a spacesuit, chatting cheerfully with the three crewmembers that were now without their helmets.

José had a very small viewing angle, but forcing the position, he saw next to a platform, aligned in the supine position (on their backs), four naked men. They looked like they were dead. Two of them were robust, one being black and the other one was light skinned. The other two were thin and white. Above this platform, he could see colored drawings of beings and things from the Earth such as animals, houses, cities, trees, the sea, automobiles, trucks and airplanes.

Through the gestures, the drawings and the repeated words, they tried to make themselves be understood. The soldier realized that they wanted some Earthling weapons.

Interrupting the "conversation" one of them came in serving a bitter drink, it was of a dark green color that the soldier only drank after seeing some of them drinking the drug. To drink it was a very difficult operation, because to bring the cup to his mouth, the mask had to be moved and that made his neck hurt, which was already injured. But after the helmet was removed, he felt more willing.

Among the issues raised in the communication attempt, José did not have any doubt that those individuals were insisting that he help them with their intentions toward our society. The leader offered to return him back to Earth, where they had compiled information during the last three years. Then they would seek him in order to have him study there with them for a period of 7 years. Finally, they would definitely leave him on Earth, as a guide for their people.

In response, José Antonio made a negative sign to gesture his refusal, manipulated the rosary and began to pray aloud, but the leader showing irritation tore the crucifix from him.

The man dressed like a monk:

Suddenly, while the small men were examining the crucifix and the beads, a human looking individual appeared, about 1.70 meters tall, wearing dark clothing, similar to a monk's garment. This being that was barefooted, had a beard and long blond hair, fair skin and freckles. The small beings that were there apparently did not see the entry of this other individual and throughout the time that he remained there, they seemed not to notice him.

The presence of this figure has brought relief to José Antonio, who called him "a good person, one of us." He was further encouraged with the message he received at the time. According to him, this being had passed revelations that should be transmitted only after receiving new instructions, some three years later.

The return trip:

In the same way that the "monk" came, he disappeared. The other beings still seemed to be irritated. The leader gave a signal to the guards to blindfold José Antonio’s mask and to prepare him for the return trip, which took place exactly as in the arrival. They left him near a stream by a small quarry where he remained for some time semi-conscious. When he regained all his senses at dawn, he began to walk awkwardly and found a highway where he asked a passerby where he was. The citizen replied that he was 32 kilometers from Vitória (in the state of Espírito Santo) and that it was the 9th of May.

He walked with difficulty, because the right leg was swollen up to the knee and three open wounds on the shoulders and below the neck, caused by the friction of the heavy helmet and was hurting him a lot. He accepted a hitchhike, which left him near the town of Colatina. Upon arriving at a railway station to catch a train to Minas, he spoke with a local agent who informed him that the train would take a long time to arrive. The agent took him to his nearby home so he could eat a snack.

Upon arriving at Belo Horizonte, he was approached by a security officer named Geraldo Lopes da Silva, to whom he told the story. The security officer directed him to a barracks where he was guided to the residence of Major Celio Ferreira.

When he lived that experience, José Antonio da Silva, was 24 years old, unmarried, soldier No. 33930 of the Military Police of the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and ordinance of the then Deputy Commander of the PMMG Guards, Major Célio Fernandes.


This case has some religious aspects to it, since after praying with a rosary in his hand, a monk appeared to him. And although he was seen by José, the small men did not see him. This case is well known in Brazil, but not in the rest of the hemisphere. This is due to not being translated from Portuguese into any other language. The above was translated by this writer who has studied that language which is similar to Spanish, and made a great effort to do it.


Brooklyn said...

Wow! this was a freaky story indeed. I wonder if our God protects us from these beings who possibly don't even have a soul. They probably don't even have a God! The monk spirit was probably sent there to make sure that somehow Jose, was sent back to the planet that God made for us. Earth, is the planet that our lord gave to human beings to inhabit and this is where we belong.

July 9, 2012 at 6:57 PM

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