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Thursday, October 18, 2012

A UFO draws electricity from a substation in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

For the readers to have a further idea on the importance of the type of incidents happening in Puerto Rico, we'll elaborate here on a shocking incident that happened in March 17, 1991, in the town of Trujillo Alto.

It was the night of Sunday, March 17, 1991, everything was quiet and normal in the Carraízo sector of the town of Trujillo Alto. But just after midnight there was a sudden explosion of lights, colors and a strange strong sound.

For many miles around, the night darkness became lit and very bright with a light of incredible proportions. At the distance, it could be seen how the night sky had acquired an intense turquoise-blue color, and at the same time, the electrical power failed in several sectors miles away from the place.

At once, everything was illuminated in a very bright greenish light that at once changed to orange light. Adding a spectacular touch to this all, a bright white ray of light could be seen projecting itself up into the sky, moving from left to right and vice versa, in a fanlike motion and with uniformity. Thousands of witnesses for miles around Trujillo Alto saw this. However, those nearer to the area, and those in high places in the sectors of Rio Piedras, Carolina and Trujillo Alto, saw something even more spectacular.

Directly over an electrical power substation, located just behind the El Conquistador urban development, in Carraízo sector was an immense circular UFO, motionless in midair and radiating an intense amount of light. Many residents of El Conquistador could see how the substation electrical energy was being attracted by the strange craft above it. Something like an energy curtain was seen around the substation, and in that "curtain" you could see the electrical energy flowing into the underside of the huge object. It just took some moments for people to congregate in the surroundings of the electrical substation, while many others called the police or radio stations to report what was happening or asked for information on the phenomenon they were seeing.


One of those present there, Mr. Josue Marrero, described everything as something out from a Steven Spielberg film: "That was huge. And the light was as intense as sunlight. It was as if night had suddenly become day. And the electrical energy was going upwards in a wall of sparks and electrical discharges. I’ve never seen anything like that before! I even had to take my eyes away from the light because it was too bright and was hurting them."

Mr. José Miranda, another witness that lives in Diego Velázquez Avenue, in El Conquistador stated that: "What I saw when I looked through the back window after the bright light engulfed everything, was something of which I could only see about a fourth of its size and shape. It was motionless there in the sky and to me it was something round, some strange type of craft with a shiny nickel like metallic round edge. The underside is the side I could see the most. Following that edge was a thin line of phosphorescent green light and next to that one, more to the center, there was another one of blue-violet phosphorescent light and at its center that very powerful bright white light, like soldering light. I saw that and electrical rays, discharges going up in colors, something like that. All this area was lit up as daylight and the light changed from green to blue to orange... like that. I saw it up there for about 30 seconds... and when the electrical power failed completely, that thing shot away to the north at great speed. I ran to the front window to see and it was already gone.

"My wife, who had seen part of what happened, was screaming in her bed due to the impression it made on her, because we had never seen a craft as big as that one so close and hovering there over our houses. That thing easily would cover most of these areas because it was so big...  It was enormous, huge. It was nothing like an airplane or anything like that. To me what I saw was an alien craft, something not normal... something not from this planet."

His neighbor, Mr. Rafael Benítez, a very well known professional psychologist, added on what he saw: "When I looked out the rear window, because everything was as if it were daylight and the electrical power was gone, I saw something with three very big bright light sources in its center under it. I also saw like a wall of electrical rays going upwards, like thousands of minute electrical capillaries, thin electrical discharges going up, and you could hear a "chhh, chhh, chhh" sound, something like when you hear the static electricity, something like that. The wall of electricity was wider at its base and as it went up to that thing in the air, it became narrower. Surrounding that thing, there was something like a cloud.

"That thing I saw was not anything I know of from earthly technology. The lights were so intense... like spotlights shining downwards, but really intense and blinding. To me what I saw was an alien craft that visited us, absorbed the station’s electrical energy and charged whatever they wanted to recharge in their ship and then left. Maybe they had energy problems."

Danny Rodríguez, a young man who lives next to the substation, also saw the incredible light effects there when the systems blew up, but unfortunately, he did not look up above his house, not seeing the objects many others saw there. But he remembers clearly that after the incident ended, he could see for several minutes a strange green phosphorescent beam of light that was coming down from the sky in a 45 degrees angle towards the substation. The light beam was coming from the northwest. "It was like a powerful flashlight beam of light coming from the sky, and it stood there for some minutes. Something unnatural happened here," he said.

Mr. Genaro Bigas, also a neighbor who resides in the Diego Velázquez Avenue, explained that when he went to his balcony to see what was happening, he saw something extending over his roof… "Something like a huge semicircle of about 180 degrees. It was standing there in the air over our houses. At the moment I saw it was rather dark at the underside and it was flashing bright orange lights from its sides all around it. That was the source of the light, which was illuminating everything here. That was something solid up there, because you could see on its rim some orange lights, and then above it you could see the clouds and the sky, but from the rim inwards you could see a solid dark surface. Then after that, some very bright white lights appeared there at its underside in the center of it.

"What I saw is compatible with what it is called traditionally a flying saucer. It was huge, real big, as big as most of this urban residential area, but it was up there, motionless. How could that be, that thing up there was just standing there in the air? It must have been very heavy... it was just incredible, but we all saw it. Another thing is that while that thing was up there, you could feel like a heat radiating from the object. When it left the area, we all felt a refreshing gust of wind at the same moment.

"I’m sorry I didn’t come out completely, to take a better look at it, but maybe it was our protection instinct, which prevented me from doing so. This I can tell, if it were something alien it wasn’t hostile, because it didn’t harm us, except to the damages in the substation."

Mrs. Evelyn Suárez, resident in Colinas de Fairview, also in Trujillo Alto, but some three miles away from where the incident occurred, was able to see the object suspended over El Conquistador sector: "What I saw was huge, enormous. It was round and its outer metal looked like copper, with an orange luminosity all around it. If you saw the movie 'Starman', the UFO in it was something like a huge globe of red-orange light with many lights; it was something just like that. It also had green, and other colored lights around it. And I’m sure there were other smaller luminous objects all around it, close to it. Oh! That was a hell of a craft, which is the best way to describe it to you. I never expected to see something like that, never."

José and Sonia Adorno, who live on the 15th floor of Los Cedros Condominium, also in Trujillo Alto, about five miles away, revealed that they saw it all from their apartment. She commented, "It was about 12:20 a.m., and suddenly everything became very bright. When we looked out, we saw something very big and round in the air surrounded by some kind of cloud. There was a bright yellow-bluish light going up from the ground to something like a huge platform that was up in the air over El Conquistador. It was something round and a little flattened at the top with a yellow-orange light all around it. I was frightened by what I saw, and my husband said that it was nothing, maybe only a malfunctioning electrical transformer, but it was not that, it was something weird. Then that thing flew away to the north and disappeared at great speed.

José said, "It was something huge, I would compare its size with that of the Trujillo Alto Plaza Shopping Center parking lot, but of course, from the distance I was seeing it. That’s how huge it was. I have never seen anything like that. Many more people must have seen it also. Sonia was right, because her neighbor, Mrs. Rosa Flores, saw it too".

Ramses Díaz, a youngster who lives in the Ciudad Universitaria urbanization, in the outskirts of Trujillo Alto, also saw it together with his brother. He said, "It was luminous, something huge in a cloud, real big. A big ball of orange light with many smaller lights on it. I called the National Weather Service in Isla Verde, and their forecaster told me that there was no electrical storm that night and that they couldn’t explain what the people were describing and what was happening. After it happened, I contacted CUFOS, in Illinois, USA, and talked with Mr. John Timmerman, who sent me some report forms for me to fill out and to specify the details of what I saw. He said that if what I was describing was accurate, what we saw was a UFO."

Mr. Sergio Serrano saw it all from the gas service station he works at De Diego Street, in Sabana Llana, Rio Piedras. "I saw that thing as it flew over us going towards Trujillo Alto. It was coming from the El Yunque rainforest." The witness described the object similar to the other witnesses.

Many residents of the Covadonga Residential area, in Trujillo Alto, among them Miss Elizabeth Torres, also saw the incredible sight. She said, "It was beautiful! It was a big flying saucer. When everything became illuminated, we came out to see and we saw a big thing there in the air standing motionless over the mountains, over Carraízo. It was a saucer, very big, with orange light and smaller lights changing colors all around it. Beautiful! This entire place was full of people seeing that thing there."

Mr. Luis Rodríguez, a security guard that patrols the premises of a company in Carolina, next to the Travenol Company, stated he saw the object as it was flying over him very fast to the west, towards Trujillo Alto. He stated that it was huge, like an orange ball of light with many smaller colored lights on it, and that it seemed to come from the east. "That thing came from El Yunque rainforest. It was immense. I still get nervous when I think on what I saw", he explained.

Mr. Enzo Rizzo, who lives in the Los Olmos Condominium, in Rio Piedras, some six miles away from Carraízo, reported having seen the incident too. He said, "The object and its great luminosity, as well as a series of very potent bright beams of white light coming out from the top of it and projecting themselves up into space while moving in a fanlike motion." Rizzo, an Italian who had come to Puerto Rico in those same days, said he has never seen anything like that before in his life, like what he saw on the night of Sunday, March 17, 1991. "It was an incredible sight, something out of this world".

Electric company came to repair the damages:

The next day, several workforces from the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority were repairing the damages at the substation, which amounted to $355,000.00 in losses. Electric poles and several high voltage power lines were burned. A number of burned out transformers were among the equipment damaged. Two supervisors and engineers of the Electric Power Authority, Mr. José Luis García and Mr. Orlando Lozada, commented about the damaged substation.

According to Lozada, "We still can’t explain what caused all this damages. There was no reason for this to happen as it did. First, there was a very powerful short circuit due to an apparent contact between two high voltage cables that were far enough from each other to prevent that from happening... but it happened somehow."

Technically, his answer already implied that there was a mysterious factor involved with whatever happened. But there was another question; if what happened was a short circuit, as it was explained officially, why the security system did not turned off the system that prevents that from happening, instead of allowing the electrical energy to continue to flow as it did for several minutes, increasing the amperage to an astounding level?

To this, engineer García answered that: "This station has an automatic system to prevent that. As soon as there is an overcharge, it is supposed to cut off the energy flow. If it fails to do this, there is an alternate one that cuts off the energy. However, what happened here was of such a magnitude that neither emergency system responded. This caused an extreme energy overcharge, and the energy level went to infinite. That explains the damages here..."

Another supervisor there said that: "What happened just wasn’t natural. There is no explanation for how things happened here last night."

A high positioned supervisor of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority explained that "The controllers or 'raisers' failed to function there, and the type of failure that happened there is not a common one, even more there, where the equipment has a good maintenance. We call that type of discharges 'shoot-outs', and in this case, because of the raisers failing to operate we called it just that, a shoot-out. But in Puerto Rico that occurs frequently due to unknown and mysterious causes. Something that could explain this is what an employee told me pertaining to similar occurrences in Barceloneta (about 40 miles from San Juan). He explained that he saw when a flying saucer came down and began absorbing energy from another substation there in Cruce Dávila, in Barceloneta, next to the Abbot Pharmaceutical Labs compound, with effects similar to those seen in Trujillo Alto."

Peripheral phenomena:

In addition to the sighting, several other phenomena were reported:

1. A number of residents in El Conquistador with ceiling fans in their homes reported that the fan blades were bending upwards while the UFO was above their homes, as if a strong magnetic force attracted them.

2. Other witnesses say that their table fans began circling backwards, returning to normal after the UFO departed.

3. Some witnesses’ telephone answering machines began working on their own and releasing their recorded messages.

4. A lady resident in El Conquistador and a relative of witness José Miranda, who has a metal plate in her head due to a brain surgery, states that for as long as the UFO was there she felt a very sharp pain in her head, feeling better when it left the place.

5. On the next day, after having seen the phenomenon and the UFO there, a 17 years old girl began to levitate and to float in her bedroom while her mother watched. 

Another interesting detail was the behavior shown by the animals in the sector. Many roosters and dogs owned by neighbors there, who were known for their noisy behavior, remained totally silent all that night until the afternoon of the following day. They were silent and seemed frightened.

At least two special radio talk shows were broadcast for the people to talk on what they had seen and experienced. Most of the accounts were similar to those already mentioned in this report.


There are many questions still unanswered about all these important incidents presented herein, incidents that are only a fraction of the plethora on such cases in the island of Puerto Rico. But without a doubt, these events indicate that the UFO/alien phenomenon is very close to Puerto Rico’s everyday reality.

On the other hand, every day there are UFO sightings and alien abductions reported by credible and reliable witnesses from all around the island. Due to the considerable amount of UFO activities here, many people wonder if Puerto Rico has been selected by an alien species to experiment on the psychological and sociological reactions and effects during such contacts. We must remember here that Puerto Rico is a U.S. colonial territorial possession and it is very possible that "someone" could have selected the island for such tests because it is under U.S. jurisdiction, and perhaps to provide the government information on how the human reaction would be if or when extraterrestrials invade us. Many believe in the U.S. and abroad that there is a secret agreement between the U.S. government and a certain species of aliens, and even though there is no specific solid proof on that, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that tends to imply just that.

The majority of UFO related incidents have demonstrated the relationship with the amounts of U.S. military bases around the island. The increasing number of UFO incidents of all types, the many fighter jets "chasing" reports and this together with the strange objects some people see flying out of U.S. military bases, give the impression that the U.S. military is involved with the UFO phenomenon. Because of that, many witnesses here on the island wonder: are those U.S. fighter jets really chasing the UFOs... or are they escorting them?

Everything indicates that a huge UFO was really observed by numerous witnesses in Trujillo Alto and neighboring communities, a UFO that apparently controlled somehow the substation’s emergency systems to prevent them from cutting off the energy flow. The subsequent great energy overcharge was apparently what this object or craft was looking for, maybe to recharge some internal systems or for something else that we can’t even imagine at this moment. The important thing here is that up to this moment more than a hundred witnesses have surfaced already, all of them giving accurate similar descriptions of the object seen there. Witnesses as far as 10 miles apart from each other who don’t even know each other, and the National Weather Service confirmed that there was no electrical storm in the vicinity of Puerto Rico, as explained officially by government and the Electrical Energy Authority officers. Despite of the multiple witnesses, the government is trying to cover up the incident. But to the residents of El Conquistador and of the Carraízo community one thing is clear; they are sure that they were visited by an alien craft, and undoubtedly came from another planet.


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Definitely the best UFO sighting of all time.

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