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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cuban Gustavo Gonzalez alien encounter in Venezuela of 1954


You may have heard of Antonio Villas Boas alien abduction case of 1957 (Brazil) and the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction case of 1961 (USA), but have you heard of an attempted abduction, which occurred even earlier than those two in 1954? This incident involved two men who were successful in preventing their abduction by fighting the aliens. The remarkable thing is that instead an alien was almost kidnapped by an Earthling who tried to detain him and carry him to a pickup truck. This strange incident took place in Petare, Venezuela.  

On November 29, 1954, between 2:00 and 2:30 am, Gustavo Gonzalez, a 25-year-old a Cuban businessman living in Venezuela and his Venezuelan helper José Ponce, were traveling in Gustavo’s pickup truck on their way to get pork-butchery products at the Scheper Wholesaler located in Bella Vista Street in the city of Petare, to sell them on the open market at daybreak.

When driving through Bella Vista Street, they were surprised to see the street lit up, as if it were 12 o’clock midday. When they exited the pickup truck to see what was happening, José suddenly ran back to the pickup truck after seeing a strange being approaching them.

Seconds later Gustavo also saw the being and hesitated at first, but then advanced towards it, wrapped his arms around its body to capture it and to carry it to the pickup truck. But the little fellow was pretty strong and managed to break loose from his hold. As it got loose, Gustavo fell onto the pavement but managed to get up fast. According to Gustavo, when he lifted the little fellow, it weighed about 50 kilograms (110 pounds).

While following the little alien, he noticed something even more surprising; two more little aliens were coming towards him, one of whom shone a flashlight device at him. Apparently, they were coming to help their comrade. The light blinded him for a few seconds keeping him from seeing what was happening and shortly after being back to his normal self, he grabbed his Boy Scout knife when he saw the same alien that he tried to seize come towards him. As a matter of instinct, he thrust the knife onto its shoulder, but to his surprise, the knife slipped over its tough rhino-like skin, preventing the penetration. When the alien tried to grab him, he noticed that each of its four fingers had a sharp claw. 

Meanwhile his assistant, José Ponce, got out from the pickup truck’s right side door and headed towards the spherical object, when suddenly to the right emerged a small hairy alien climbing a steep hill in a hurry and carrying loads of soil in both hands.

When the little alien saw José Ponce coming, he jumped two meters, got into the small window, and disappeared inside. Seconds later, he stuck his head out the window with another being that was armed with a long shiny tube held in both hands and pointed it at both men.

Suddenly they felt a vibration all over their bodies, paralyzing Gustavo and José. Then they observed the bright sphere rising majestically and silently to a point high in the darken sky, then disappeared.

José Ponce ran and reached the Petare Traffic Inspectorate Office located in the same street where the strange event occurred. A few minutes later Gustavo Gonzalez arrived at the same location and after drinking some water and recuperating, they excitedly related what had happened to the law enforcement officers on duty. Manuel Moreno and E. Dominguez claimed that they entered their office at 2:30 in the morning with that story but were not drunk or insane. What they said and narrated were true, although astonishing, it was full of details that seemed real.

His friend José Ponce and he were able to describe the aliens like this: the one that Gustavo grabbed was hairy; it did not have a nose, had shiny eyes, short in stature, barefooted and wore a very strange garment, which looked like a loincloth. He was very agile, strong for his size and was able to break loose from his grasp leaping like a cat.

Later in the morning, officer Antonio Jesus Yanes expressed what happened to Gustavo and José was something extremely unique. Subsequently, Gustavo had a severe pain on his left side and was taken to a hospital for medical assistance. At 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, at the hospital, they took an x-ray to rule out a fracture of his ribs, but revealed a muscular distension on that side of the body.

After the incident, people who knew them personally stated that they had an extraordinary experience, but evidently, they have shown that they were not drunk. The manager at the "National Meats Industry C.A." or "Scheper", Antonio Cherchi declared that he knew Gustavo and José from sight and business dealings, and noticed that they were serious people and workers who arrived on time daily at two in the morning to withdraw their products. He further acknowledge that he had no complaints and had not noticed anything abnormal in them and if they say that they saw something or had contacts with something that disturbed them, he believes them...

Moreover, reporters who interviewed them closely managed to find out that Gustavo and José were not actually under the influence of alcohol when the incident took place. If they had been drunk, traffic authorities would have reprimanded them. In addition, when Gustavo was taken to the Emergency Room, he was quite nervous and his left side appeared slightly bruised...

Other witnesses:

Other people testified that they saw or heard something on Bella Vista Street, among them is Miss Maria Antonieta Avellaneda who stated that she was wide-awake between one and two in the morning, at the time of the incident and felt "something like a detonation and a sibilant hiss" but did not paid too much attention to it because she was preparing a remedy for a sick child in the house where she lives.

Similarly, Mr. Concepción Garrachan, who lived in Petare, indicated that hours before the incident, he had seen flying over south of Petare, "A strange luminous craft that made ​​no noise and that other people have seen it too." Later in the morning, at 2:00 am, a blast was heard on Bella Vista Street and other areas of the Caracas Valley.

Mr. Manuel Maria Soria, who lived on 31 Sucre Avenue, just three blocks from the place indicated by the witnesses of the landing, stated that while heading home at about 2:30 in the morning in a rental car, he suddenly noticed that a bright light illuminated the vehicle, forcing him to stop momentarily. He suddenly heard something like a high-pitched whistling sound, piercing and unbearable. He put the car running at full speed and went home where he told his mother, Doña Juanita Soria, of what happened. The lady replied that she had heard "something", but she believes that "it was one of those planes purchased by the government that makes a lot of noise".

Another referential witness was Dr. Julio Garcés, a laboratory technician at Pérez de León Hospital in Petare, declared that just after two in the morning on Sunday, when passing by in his car near Bella Vista Street; he heard an awful cry of terror, coming from "a squeaky voice". He stopped to see what was happening, but saw nothing. All he heard were the screams and did not know where they were coming from.
In addition, Mrs. Elsa Duderstadt of 9th Street in Los Palos Grandes where she lived, said that she was in her garden at home when she saw a very bright light heading towards Petare. The light was very intense that ascended in a disc-shaped form, changed in tonality and fulgurated for several minutes. Her son Rodolfo Duderstadt categorically reiterated the comments made by his mother and said: "The vision that we’ve had has given us much to think about, since it happened at the same time as in Petare. We didn’t know the details of that case until we read the story in the papers". Miss Ursula Wiede, a niece of Mrs. Elsa Duderstadt, also had the opportunity to witness the strange phenomenon.

The neighbors of the urbanization Los Caobos that lived along the old railway line leading to the city of Petare, emphasized that that morning and at the time indicated, they observed how a very bright light passed over their houses illuminating their bedrooms with very intense beams of light. Many abstained to give statements to the press, to avoid being labeled crazy or being cited by the "National Security" who has conducted an inquiry into the matter.

Mrs. Avelina Del Paso, who resided on Andrés Bello Street, indicated that several police patrol units and the "National Security" came to the area imposing order and investigating the streets, houses and the land where the explosion was felt not far from where the bright light was seen.

Francisco Leal, who lived on 7th Street, felt the blast like the other residents of the sector. Several entire families found themselves outside their own homes frightened to death, all commented on the possibility of being some kind of "weapon" and indicated that according to statements given to the police it was a blue intense light which spread upward, everyone heard the strange noise.

So ends this account of an event, which is not yet clear in our contemporary UFO reports because the mainstream news media and science are not willing to expose it to the public nor wants to study it, or even acknowledge it.

Written by Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON)

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Although there have been many unexplained sightings in the town of Lajas, the situation there has been hyped by the amount of lies and exaggeration by a group of so-called, "ufologists" who ignore other areas of Puerto Rico to promote tourism in Lajas. That was evident when my wife and my daughter confronted a terrifying experience in the town of Aguada with extraterrestrials and that group of charlatans refused our plea for help. Of course, if it happened in Lajas they would have jumped on the opportunity for fame and tourism for that town. Those hoaxes and lies were approved and sanctioned by the then mayor of that town who named route 303 "The extraterrestrial route". The idea of building an "UFOport" (ovnipuerto), “la llorona sightings" and the biggest hoax of them all, "that a UFO crashed there" all this could only be found in a science fiction novel.

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