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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Domsten case: a Swedish close encounter of the third kind

It all began on the evening of December 19, 1958 when two Swedish men, Stig Rydberg, 30 years old, and Hans Gustafsson, 24 years old, set off on a journey that would end with an encounter that none of them would ever forget. In a clearing near the village of Domsten, they claimed to have fought for their lives. Their opponents were three or four gray shapeless beings, which landed in a discoid object. This event has become one of the most celebrated UFO cases both in and outside Sweden.

The Domsten case is one of the known UFO cases where the witnesses were subjected to intensive interrogations and investigations in an attempt to get to the truth. Methods that now have become the rule rather than the exception among the world ufologists.

Hans Gustafsson and student Stig Rydberg, both buddies living together at Rydberg's mother's house where the mother was engaged in her laundry business. Gustafsson was helping as a truck driver. Photo shows them as rather good-looking, well-groomed chaps.

The event in Domsten has become a Swedish close encounter of the third kind, which is still turning heads in books and magazines. But there are many questions left to straighten out. Some of the evidence suggests in fact that the event never took place, that the two work mates made it up to draw attention.

But let's start from the beginning. Here is the young men’s own story and judge for yourself:

The time was around 7:30 in the evening (19.30 hours), on December 19, 1958 when the two work mates Stig Rydberg and Hans Gustafsson sat in Gustafsson’s DKW Combi automobile to travel the two miles (3.21 kilometers) from Helsingborg to Höganäs.

The two have just left work on Stig's mother's dry-cleaning establishment for the day and were now heading towards Höganäs to pick up two girls, casual acquaintances for a ride in the car.

But the evening would not end in the way that the two men have imagined. Instead, it was the beginning of an event that will change their lives completely.

After riding around with the girls for an hour they turned back towards Höganäs to buy sausages. The time was just before 11:00 pm (23.00 hours), when they stopped at Erik Wallin's hotdog stand at Sundstorget. A while later, they embarked on a new drive with the girls. Hans Gustafsson was driving while his girl sat beside him in the front seat. Stig Rydberg and his girlfriend were in the backseat. At 2:30 am (02:30 hours), they dropped off the two girls at Kocks Cafe in Höganäs and they drove back home.

While driving alongside the Strait of Öresund on Route 45 and while approaching the village of Domsten, Hans Gustafsson stopped the car near a clearing in the forest so they could defecate.   

It was now 3:00 am (03.00 hours), Saturday morning of December 20, 1958.

The fog has started to become troublesome and just before stopping the car, an oncoming car whose headlights emerged from the fog, dazzled Hans Gustafsson. Visibility was only 40 meters. When the two men stepped out of the vehicle and started to cross the road towards a grove, they saw a light well in the clearing. At first, they believed that it was a fire, but after a while, they realized that the light was not coming from a fire. The glow seemed to be standing on three "legs" and did not light up the surroundings.

Their curiosity aroused so they walked some 10 meters (33 feet), towards the light. Suddenly they both stopped aghast at the sight of what they both assumed was a "flying saucer" and noticed three or four strange creatures moving about.  

The object's diameter was about 5 meters (about 16 feet); its height was about close to 1 meter (about 3 feet, 3 inches). It rested on three sorts of legs. The craft was self-illuminating, but the glare was neither blinding nor warming. In the center of the light, they thought that a darker core could be distinguished.

The creatures were small and gray; perhaps 1.3 meters tall (a little over four feet) and about 40 centimeters broad (1 foot and 31 inches). They seemed to lack extremities, shaped like loaves and moved very fast. Suddenly, the creatures attacked the two men.

A fight to the death broke out. The beings clutched Rydberg and Gustafsson who tried to break loose. The two young men tried to defend themselves, but they were unable to get a firm grip on these creatures, which had a gelatinous consistency and felt as if they were fighting against a mass of dough. When Rydberg struck one of the assailants, "his arm plunged into the creature to the elbow and the blow had no effect. When the men fought for their lives, a musty smell, like fish, spread in the air. The creatures had a respectable grasping ability and were able to dodge the lightning quick young men’s punches as if they were anticipating their thoughts.

Eventually Rydberg succeeded in breaking free and escaped. He rushed to the car and jumped inside next to the horn. From the car, he watched through the windshield how Hans clutched firmly a pole with a sign that read, "Camping is prohibited" and saw how the gray loaf-men yanked at him so that he was spread horizontally in the air.

At the moment, when Rydberg sounded the horn, the creatures emitted a grayish substance from their bodies and released Gustafsson who then fell plump to the ground. The gray creatures then disappeared towards the object. Rydberg rushed to his friend, and when he approached him, the saucer rose up out of the clearing and headed westward towards Denmark.

According to both men: "The light got more intense at its takeoff and a smell that reminded us of ether and of burned sausages filled the air. But the most remarkable of all the things was the sound. It was a thin, high, intensive sound that you rather felt than heard. When the craft took off, we were shaken by extremely rapid powerful vibrations that quite paralyzed us. The craft disappeared from our sight. It seemed to me that it rose straight up in the sky, but Hans claims that it disappeared out in an arch over the waters."

In his book, "The flying saucers - documents and theory", Gösta Rehn (a famous Swedish ufologist) describes in Gustafsson and Rydberg own words what happened after returning to the car:

"Although our reasoning ability seemed paralyzed and our tears were just streaming down, after sitting in the car for about fifteen minutes, it became very clear in our heads that we could drive on to Helsingborg and not until we were in the center of the city, we dared speak to each other. And the first thing we said was: ‘We should not speak to anyone about this, everyone will laugh at us’".

But when the two men got back to their place of work at Berggren's Dry Cleaning, their relatives reacted to their strange looks and injuries which made them break their own promise.

"We had lots of work before Christmas and New Year’s so I worked overtime", said Bengt (Hans Gustafsson’s brother), who also worked at Berggren's Dry Cleaning.

"When Hans and Stig came back, they seemed shocked and called me into the office. There they informed me what they had been through.  I rubbed their arms to notice how they were red and bruised, and had teary eyes as if they had fallen into some bushes and got hurt.

"But they never mentioned anything about the fight with the creatures. I read about it in the newspapers later."

But Bengt did not believe in his brother's story. When the young men then spoke about the night's events at the breakfast table, they laughed. Stig's mother, stepfather and sister dismissed their story. Nobody believed them.

"I burst out laughing at Stig as he told it", said Anna Berggren, Stig’s mother and the owner of Berggren's Dry Cleaning where both men worked, "Yes, we all did. Everything sounded so weird."

But a few days later Anna changed her mind. Instead of laughing, she now called Stig (her son), to look for a newspaper to report the story.

That newspaper would be "Helsingborgs Dagblad."

The day after, the newspaper posted the story with a photograph on top of the first page. But no word was mentioned if the two were almost kidnapped by the creatures.

And now the police and military have become extremely interested in their story and arrived in Helsingborg to investigate the case. The reason could have been that it was a new type of foreign aircraft.

On January 9, 1959, the police carried out a major interview with Stig Rydberg and Hans Gustafsson at the police station in Helsingborg.

Present during the interrogation were Captain Lennart Bunke, laboratory technician Sture Risberg and military psychologist Michael Wächter.

The interview lasted for eleven hours and two detectives, Ake Fernebrant and Sven Rudolph, performed the interrogation. 

"Actually, we did not leave out anything without asking pertaining to their encounter, but we couldn’t find anything that is considered a hoax", said Sven Rudolph who still remembers the interview well. 

The police even tried to uncover what happened with the help of a hidden tape recorder that was started when Stig and Hans were alone in the interrogation room. But even then, they didn't say anything to the contrary.

"The only thing we heard on the tape was one that said, 'do you think they believe this?', and the other replied, 'Well, I do not know.' "

Three days after the police interview, on Monday, January 12, two Helsingborg doctors, Lars-Erik Essén and Wilhelm Hellsten examined the two witnesses.

Already in the past, the men on their own initiative have visited another doctor, Ingeborg Kjellin, who provided them with proof that they were perfectly healthy. Like doctor Kjellin, these two doctors (Essén and Hellsten) were interested in UFOs. Hellsten eagerly talked about them. Essén was a board member of the Parthenon, which publishes books about flying saucers and their contacts.

But despite the above, a report of the hearing conducted by the Swedish Armed Forces found that both men perpetrated a hoax.

Gustafsson and Rydberg, however, were not through. Concerning the defense staff report, they had this to say:

(1) The defense staff representatives were very skeptical and the investigation done by them was humdrum, routine and nonchalant.

(2) The psychologist was German-born and they could only partially understand him.

(3) No earth specimens were taken for examination at Domsten, although defense staff men ran around the area with a tape measure for a couple of hours - the only other equipment they brought with them was a tape recorder which was out of order.

The above was written and translated from Swedish into English by Nelson C. Rivera (PRUFON)


I published this story as a wonderful story to read. But even though I’m a firm believer of the UFO phenomenon, this case has those in the Swedish government, friends and family members who have affirmed that Stig and Hans had lied. Despite that, many UFO investigators from inside and outside Sweden have concluded that the story is true.

I know that countless of people lie about seeing UFOs or being abducted for their own personal gains. But as an investigator myself, I also know that there are many cases which are hard to discard as hoaxes. Surprisingly, this is one of them.

To laugh because someone claims that he/she witnessed an alien looking like a blob, mushroom, or loaf etc., is meaningless because we don’t know the actual shapes and forms of other intelligent beings from outside our own galaxy. Why should they always be humanoids like us? Earthling UFO folklore always describe gray aliens, Nordic aliens and reptile aliens etc., with human forms like with 2 legs, 2 arms, a head with 2 eyes, a nose, a mouth and 2 ears.

 I also like to point out why I believe in their encounter.

1) If I lie, I wouldn’t say anything embarrassing like I stopped the car to defecate. Obviously that was their intentions when they stopped the vehicle, which precipitated their ordeal.

2) They had physical evidence (the injuries) on their bodies that showed that they had actually been in an altercation and had teary eyes.

3) Some of the best UFO investigators in Europe, like the Swedish ufologist Gösta Rehn, found them to be sincere.

4) The witnesses were subjected to hypnotic regression that confirmed their encounter.

5) They promised mutually to keep the story between themselves for fear of being ridiculed, and only told their families when they observed them with the injuries on their bodies. It is obvious that they did not seek publicity; it was Stig’s mother, after not believing her son’s story, called the newspapers to divulge it. 


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Although there have been many unexplained sightings in the town of Lajas, the situation there has been hyped by the amount of lies and exaggeration by a group of so-called, "ufologists" who ignore other areas of Puerto Rico to promote tourism in Lajas. That was evident when my wife and my daughter confronted a terrifying experience in the town of Aguada with extraterrestrials and that group of charlatans refused our plea for help. Of course, if it happened in Lajas they would have jumped on the opportunity for fame and tourism for that town. Those hoaxes and lies were approved and sanctioned by the then mayor of that town who named route 303 "The extraterrestrial route". The idea of building an "UFOport" (ovnipuerto), “la llorona sightings" and the biggest hoax of them all, "that a UFO crashed there" all this could only be found in a science fiction novel.

By Nelson C. Rivera
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